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Welcome to Balmung! :D


Sahi is a male Keeper, who grew sick and tired of his clan's way of life and is currently working as a freelance healer. He's a quiet one, but he can be flamboyant is his choice of clothing. While he's of the belief that all sentient beings are equal, he does not approve of the Keeper way of life and he is not very trusting of female Keepers. But he's a nice guy overall.


I'm still a newbie to the RP side of FFXIV, but I've been playing for a few years. If you ever need a hand, I'd be happy to help and I would love to RP with you if you're interested. :moogle:

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Hello there, welcome to FFXIV! :D Harbingers of Dawn is a good-aligned, med-heavy RP FC dedicated to protecting and aiding the citizens of Eorzea. You're welcome to check us out! You can learn more about us here and apply on our website if you're interested.

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Hey there fellow timezone Miqo'te!


I'd be up to meet sometime and get some RP started. And to also be a little shameless, I am currently part of the Kindred, which is an EU based Adventurer/Mercenary company!


Should you wish to take a peek, you can do so , but you could just poke me directly for questions!

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