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The Kings


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The Kings is an underground group spanning all throughout Eorzea composed of criminals of every variety. Though not an 'official' group, The Kings is an alliance of all sorts of wrong-doers.



It is rumored that a blonde Hyur woman that goes by, "Doc." and a large Roe going  by the name of "Red Duck" started gathering people to join the alliance, creating a network for their shady work.

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Hello fellow roleplayers! I apologize if anyone has tried to get in touch with Fiona Cooper IG to join The Kings.  My computer had an unfortunate mishap with a flight of stairs, and is out for repair.  I should have a functioning computer again within the week, I hope.


Red Duck has been a super good sport and has taken on a lot of the recruitment IG during my absence, but I would love to do some RP with people interested, so if anyone is wanting to and willing, I am available on Skype.  Just send me a PM for my info!




We have a few crime-tastic events coming up.  One good old fashioned robbery, and an assassination plot.  If anyone has a character that would like to be involved, hit us up!


If anyone has an idea for a crime-tastic plot and needs assistance with carrying it out, we are more than happy to help as well.



Drugs are in circulation in Eorzea.  Feel free to contact Koh'si Jakkya or Andvari Laveer to strike up a deal.  Still recruiting for active sales people.  Drug Information here.

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Obtained: New Computer {1}!

I'm back and active once again IG and ready to get things rolling (loosely IG today since the server is down, haha).  With the patch coming out tomorrow I'm anticipating lots of activity and opportunities for Roleplay.


I'm around today to chat about anyone's needs or desires to get involved with the Kings.  


We also have a new Orchid sales person on board: Ian Moone!

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I'm still interested in joining this linkshell if that's okay. I haven't been around recently due to the patch keeping me busy on my main. I'll message you in-game, or I can PM you here to set up a time if that works better for you.


Great!  Yeah I'm sorry when you messaged me the first time around my computer died the next day.  I'm back IG though :D

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