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Opinions on a Au Ra with water affinty.

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Alright, so opinions on a character concept for Au Ra.


 One thing I really like about the Au Ra is I can really make them appear to have affinities towards certain elements of nature. In particular I have become fascinated with the idea of an Au Ra that after generations of her family performing a specialized  water job would have caused them to develop traits particularly suited for aquatic pursuits. 


-Wider paddle like tail for better swimming

- Streamlined horns for less drag in the water

- Possibly horns that have developed the ability to have bio luminescence in the hollow of the ear horn canal that would provide a light source in dark water, could be an evolved family trait or some type of alchemy?

- Skin tone made to camouflage easier into the aquatic surroundings.


Those are just a handful of the physical aspect that have struck me. The question is if that type of adaptation is feasible?

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There is a Xaela tribe called the Ejinn that seems to be along what you want.


"A river tribe that chooses to swim from place to place rather than walk or take boats. It is said that members of the Ejinn can hold their breaths for up to a quarter bell, and will often migrate while almost completely submerged in order to avoid contact with hostile tribes."


That being said, I personally think the bio luminescence is a bit out there. Everything else seems fine. Alchemy might be a neat way to build on already present traits.

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This is a pretty cool idea. I think it's neat.


I don't think the concept as a whole is too implausible, as long as the physiological changes aren't too outlandish. It's a nice way to utilize the varied skin colours, though. I can imagine dark blue, dark green, brown, or the dark gray skin colours would lend itself well to camouflaging against underwater foliage or a riverbed or such. Streamlined horns would make sense. That big thick tail for Au Ra could be seen as the wide tail used for swimming. You could also throw something in about wider feet and hands and larger lung capacity as well.


The glowing horns bit I think is probably a bit much, though. An alchemical mixture applied like an ointment to the horns might work, although even then it's impractical unless the horns are forward facing or conveniently act like a flashlight. Otherwise, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to run with this.

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I agree that the bio luminescence is a little to much... but in all fairness it's a pretty cool adaptation of water creatures.

Anywho I'm glad to see the thought of an Au Ra being a bit more specialized physically isn't all that implausible. I think specializations might help to add a nice layer of depth to an individual character.

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What if the group of au ra you play has developed a symbiotic relationship with aquatic glow worms using bioluminescence similar to anglerfish? They tie their horns with the worms before fishing and dive, attracting fish with poor eyesight from the depths, giving a share to their "partners." They could have ceremonies and artistry associated with the tradition.

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You normally only see bioluminescence in deep sea creatures anyways, plus it doesn't really go along with underwater camouflage. I love the idea of a tribe being adapted to water. 20-30 generations of really focused specialized breeding could let you select for things like better swimming, improved ability to remain underwater, etc.

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