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Stillglade Fane

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I know from reading these forums that there's a few other people out there playing Hearers and other Conjurers of Stillglade Fane. I'd like to put out some feelers here.


I am looking for Conjurers who continue to be involved in the Fane's affairs or the upkeep of the Wood, or who are presently receiving training from the Fane. I'd imagine it's a small enough community that such characters would know eachother, at least in passing.


Shoot me a PM here or a whisper IG. If there's enough of us, we can get a linkshell going!

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I play a Hearer afflicted with a broken conjury and a general mistrust toward Stillglade Fane, which unfortunately means that with her backstory she cut her links with Gridania to start anew.


However, i'm definitely not opposed for her to meet people from there, especially from Stillglade, that can be a reminder that people still know about her here, or that simply leaving the world she lived in didn't make it magically go away.


I might have a timezone issue compared to yours though...

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I've got an old man, Jeantremont Arbeau, who returns to the Fane every few years to brush up on conjury. He is an alchemist but he upkeeps his conjury for emergencies. He doesn't return too often as he has a great distaste for how the Twelveswood treats duskies. But if you would like a grampa elf, I'm all up for it.

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While Reima is a Hearer and practices conjury, she no longer actively studies with the Fane due to her more whimsical traits and the joy of character development. She does, however, return there on occasion to keep up with word on the state of the Twelveswood, and to offer what assistance she can.  I'd be more than happy to have her meet you, or know one another in passing!

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