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Docs Clinic [Open]

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This is where people can come to the clinic and visit Xha'to my doctor should they like to. Id like to keep it one assistant and patient at a time if possible, but am willing to try for more.




Clinic resides in Lavender beds Path Finder Society house Ward four plot twenty Seven. It is small with a desk a mound of books to the side. across from the desk is the Medical cot along with Xha's cabinets of medical herbs and supplies. In the back of the room is a large tub often used for medical purposes.




Xha is an odd one he tends to not wear a shirt since he is Vestiphobic. Cause of this he doesn't wear shoes and his pants are a few sizes too big. He has drawers full of hard candies and a small pantry of liquors both for him and calming patients. Xha is very upbeat and is almost always smiling.


Elza (Assistant Medic):


A quiet shy keeper who is learning the medical profession from Xha. Typically he will leave basic care in her hands while handling more severe things himself.


Evangaline Primrose(Current Patient): Currently in a coma, being treated for Void presence


Xyla Quintessence (Other Patient):



I will post up shortly. :)

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Xha woke up as he normally did sliding on his slippers and walking to unlock the clinic for the day. Slipping out into the main house he prepared a bt of breakfast, fish, pineapple juice, and cheesecake. This was a normal start to the day for him. Setting the food down and changing into his work pants and putting on his sandals he went back to his desk to eat and pour over reports.


Xha disliked paperwork he found it tedious but it was required of him all the same. Once done eating he awaited his assistant to come in to give him a hand should they have any patients.

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A knock was heard on the door. Elza opened and peeked in through the door, holding a small notebook and manuscript in one arm. Wearing a simple dark blue robe and boots with her usually pouch swung around her waist, she steps into to greet Xha'to.


" Good morning Doctor Xha'to, hope you rested well. " she says with a friendly smile as she goes to set down her things in a far chair across the room. She proceeds to find the water basin and wash her hands before doing else.

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Xha peered over his glasses with his usual smile and nodded to her as he had a mouth full of food. Clearing his mouth he chuckled.


"Morning to you Miss Elza, I slept well and how are you this fine morning?" He didn't get up from his seat but continued to look over the reports before "being finished with them" stuffed them in a drawer.


"I have no requests for appointments today so we can go over anything you might have questions on." his ears perked up and twitched as he got more comfy in his seat.

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Evangeline's hand clenches and releases as she stands in front of the clinic door. She needed to get a handling on the void taint burning through her body, and she needed it yesterday. Every night the dreams got worse, more violent, and every morning she awoke wondering if her body had changed further into something unnatural.


Still, this doctor came highly recommended, and such professionals usually took patient secrecy seriously. The wrong person finding out about this taint could spell her death, but surely a healer would not attack her? She sighs, patting a pouch full of smoke grenades, at least she had those should the worse happen. 


Squaring her shoulders she knocks firmly onto the door, "Hello, is the doctor in?"

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Gives Xha'to a smile as she replies " I am well this morning thank you...". 


She goes to ready the clinic for patients, making the medical beds up, cleaning the tools, etc. as suddenly she hears someone enter in the door. Her ears perk up as she looks around the corner into the lobby. She sees a nervous looking Elezen standing at the door as she enters and asks if the doctor is in. 


She looks to her and nods to Xha'to.

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Xha looks up from his desk a bright smile on his face. He crawls up onto the desk squatting and signals the woman to come on over.


"I am the doctor on duty Xha'to how can I assist you miss?"


he  signals to Elza "Will probably need the room shortly Ill let you do the base checkup for the young lady if she indeed needs it and we can go from there."


He turned his focus back to the woman who looked a bit ragged.

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Evangeline walks over to the Miqo'te and bows slightly, "Ah... A pleasure, Master Xha'to. I am Evangeline." 


She breathes in and out deeply, "I'm wondering if you can give me medical consultation on a... private matter. One of some sensitivity." Her voice is low, barely above a whisper, "One that I would not wish to become public knowledge." 


"It is an ailment of aetherial nature, would you be willing to assist? I will understand if you are hesitant."

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:Id be more than happy to assist and dont worry it wont leave my office." he turns to Elza and motions Evangaline to her "She will get your vitals checked out and we can move on from there. I just need some base readings before we go prodding."

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Evangeline nods curtly, "I appreciate your discretion Ser." Then the Elezen moves towards the woman. 


"Well miss, it seems I am in your hopefully tender care." She smiles, slightly revealing a pair of fangs that have no business being on an Elezen. "What do I need to do?"

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Elza looks wearily for a moment noticing the fangs in her mouth, but smiles politely motioning to her to step into the room to her left to exam her.


" Hello Evangeline. I am Elza Fairhan. I am just gonna do a quick check up for your health before the Doctor see's you. If you could just step into that room and hop on the scale real quickly, we will get started. I am just gonna go grab a few tools first. " she smiles again walking over to the large cabinet full of medical supplies and tools and grabs a few things.


She also washes her hands in the basin again before she steps into the room.


(( Sorry I replied so late! I am not as good with forum RP as much as in game  >.< ))

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"Ah, a pleasure to meet you Miss Elza." She kicks off her boots and heads onto the scale. Her eyes cast about the room, wondering what some of the medical instruments were for as she pulls off her bandoleer and swordbelt, leaving them tilted against a wall. 


She shivers slightly as her feet touch the chill metal of the scale, the dial flicking upwards to indicate a weight of 155 ponze. If her height is taken she reaches Six fulms and on ilm. 


"Is it ok if I'm wearing my clothes?"

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Elza walked into the room with the tools, setting them up on the bench near the examination table keeping the quill and clipboard in hand. Walking over to Evangeline she smiles saying " Oh no, they won't make a big difference. Don't worry about that. " and begins to write down a few notes.



" Alright now, lets just get you over on the examination bed and I will just check a few vitals here."



She smiles motioning to the bed. But behind her chocolate brown eyes lies something else she is not showing.

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Evangeline moves to the bed, laying out her long form and placing her hands onto her stomach. "Ah... understood." 


The Elezen exhales, looking a bit anxious, "So... have you worked here long?" The visible skin of her body is dappled with pale scars and scabbed over cuts. There is more than one section of discolored skin, the remnant of a burn caused by fire or acid. She has several small bandages on the fingers of one hand, reddened skin visible beneath.

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Xha;to yawns and scratches his head hopping over the desk to where the two were and squatted nearby to watch. He idly took in all of her cuts and scrapes. Noting the burns and other skin ailments.


He didnt say anything just kept an eye and awaited Elza to proceed.

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Elza takes a seat at the stool beside the bed as the Elezen lays down. Under the lights, Elza can now see some physical scars and damage on the skin of the slender Elezen woman. From the tools she has beside her, she first grabs little otoscope to check her ears out carefully taking a peak on either side. She nods to herself and writes down some more notes.


" Well, I have been helping Xha'to a little while now, but not for a very long time. I am only aiding here temporarily to advance my practical medical skills with more experience. "


 She smiles putting down the otoscope and picking up a small flat stick. 


" I am currently studying right now to obtain the papers to open my own Medical Clinic at the Wayfarer's of Eorzea, as I have been receiving to many of my own patients over there and no where to properly treat them. " she continues then pauses " Can I have you open your mouth for me now? "

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"Admirable... the people need healers as much or more as they need fighters." Her skin goosebumps as the metal otoscope presses into her ears. 


"I hope your studies go well..." her voice trails off, looking apprehensive at the small stick. Then with a sigh she opens her mouth with an ~Ahhhhhh~


Her mouth is decidedly unelezen, her canines jutting down from her top row of teeth, almost twice as long as their neighbors and sharply pointed. Her tongue flops out, seeming thicker and longer than normal, a few pale streaks of purple mixing with the arteries and veins, they almost seem to pulse sickly in Elza's sight. 


More pale streaks of purple aether can be seen in the Elezen's throat, visible with no skin to cover them.

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Elza looks into the Elezen's mouth as a straight expression crosses her lips. She takes the stick out her mouth and places it the the garbage near the doorway. 


" Thank you. " she says kindly but looks at her clip board without her usually smile upon her face and swiftly writes. She takes a little long as she writes this time. Then she places it and the quill down again and grabs the thermometer to check her temperature while her mouth is open still. 


She lastly goes to check her pulse and heartbeat with the stethoscope.

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Evangeline seems embarrassed by her mouth, and her cheeks color slightly while she is examined. She closes it thankfully after Elza finishes. 


"It's ah... not contagious. Or at least I think it isn't." The thermometer slides into her mouth and eventually reads a temperature several degrees cooler than is normal. 


Her pulse and heartbeat are fast, but within what is normal for an anxious patient. 


"It's a long story..."

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Elza nods to her setting down the tools and goes to write her final notes down on the click board. She smiles to her with a soft expression now.


" Alright thank you. I will go take these with me and speak to Xha'to real quick and be right back with you Miss. " 


She motions to Xha'to as she still holds the clipboard showing an expression almost of slight sadness or fear, but puts effort to keep a straight face as much as possible.

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Elza looks at Xha'to handing him the clipboard for him to look at.


" Xha'to...I am almost certain I know what she is diagnosed with...I have seen it before while training in the Conjurer's Guild. However, it is an aliment with no such real practical treatment, if I am right. It is an Aether based..sickness." she says in a quiet tone somber tone. She looked to him in curiosity as if she assumed he knew what as wrong as well.

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"Sadly that is what I was thinking as well. The purple aether is a problem, that can stem from corrupt aether chances are something is changing it or it was from something she touched. For this sort of thing we could drain her of Aether and go from there. But thats assuming if something is corrupting it we starve it out." he tapped his chin thinking. Then like he had a purpose walked back into the room and squat on the stool.


"Miss Evangaline, did you touch or maybe are in permanent contact with something that could be effecting your aether?"

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