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Seeking someone skilled with magitek!

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Hey all! So I have a weapon OOCly I would like to use ICly, but would like it to be of somewhat magitek make. So I am looking for anyone skilled at making magitek weapons, who would be in the market to make some gil for their time! Feel free to message me in game or on here to set something up!

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Paging Locke Rinannis...! He's a magitek expert. Well, he'd probably put it a lot more modestly than that, but still. I'll direct him to your post!

I have been directed!


My character, Locke Rinannis, tinkers/builds with magitek (though yes, he will be very modest about it QQ). He actually runs a repair shop in the Goblet, Ward 1 Plot 51, if you're looking for an easy hook!

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I know that the FC Ebonbrand deals with magitek. You can often find their leader afk in the Quicksand.



That being said, yes. I am available for all magitek needs.

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Vael'a Ruhne, my main toon is a magitek engineer, although getting a hold of him lately would probably be a bit difficult unless you started with picking up an off-screen lead on him from the Skysteel Armory and tracked him down to Ul'dah and the free company he's an Airship mechanic for...

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