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I've got a question!


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Hey guys,

I need some advice. I don't if I told anyone here but I just got back my level 58, Rinoa Lightheart (she's 59 now). I'm so happy! :love:  I did the stupid thing and deleted her when I was sick last year. Anyway, my question is how do you all get back into a character that you've not played in a LONG time? I've been trying to continue the story with her but I'm enjoying the new character I made more.


Please tell me some ways you all got back into playing/RPing a character. I really appreciate the feedback.

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Well RPing is much like writing, and sometimes you need to take a break. Getting back into RP depends on the length of time and what not.

One method I do when I am gone from RP is to ask any and all my Friends about current events that changed their character and get a good lead.


If you are returning to find your rp FC or friend circle is no more, you should reach out to the events posted around the forums. Especially Grindstone! 


Another method is to just start walking up and RPing with others or attract them with your character. It is not always guaranteed but it gives more opions on what your characters can get involved with.


And one more way to get back into rp that I do is read stories, profiles and even listen to some music to get the creation brain running.


I've been RPing for a while and getting back into rp in an MMO is far easier than a forum in my opinion.


Hope something helped there :3


P.S: if you want to make your character engaging...don't over think it. You could stress yourself out over the minute details.

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Is your old circle of friends still around and active? Do you still want to continue with Rinoa's story or do you want to go a new direction with her? Hell do you even want to keep her backstory the same?   I think those questions need some answers before you can really move forward with that particular character. After that its just a matter of writing yourself a story for why she disappeared and what she has been doing since then if you are trying to pick up with old friends etc.. But If you are having more fun with the new character why push yourself to use your old character?

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I'm glad you got your baby back!


And whew... I just got back from a prolonged haiatus, I couldn't play the game because of financial reasons so I'm currently facing that same hurdle in getting back into my RP characters. Usually the first thing I do is a status check. 


+ Of my old rp partners/friends, who still has interest in role-playing with that character still?

+ Where have they (the character) been this whole time? On a trip? Personal growth? Etc.

+ Slice of life rp. May not be the most exciting, but it helps get back into the flow of that characters personality/actions.

+ The character workshop here on RPC. It helps brainstorm, and re-solidify that characters ideals, and quirks.


Based on what comes back to me from doing all of that, I'll either stick to an old character as my main, or make a new one to have something fresh, interesting, and enjoyable. Theres nothing wrong with putting the old characters on a shelf and embracing that new character you enjoy while you get back into the RP community, and readjust to things.


Hope this helps :D

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I haven't RP'd with my character nor played her since 2.2/3ish so instead of jumping back in where I left off I'm going to make a new character and when I relearn how to play the classes I had gotten to 50 and geared I'll be working on my new character's backstory while I rethink how I want my old main's to go. For now though my old main will be my crafting vending machine to save me gil(saved up all I could for an FC house but it was deleted about a month ago so I have to regain all my gil I put into it lol)

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