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  1. I don't have any new FFXIV related art, but oogles of art updates, most of which are in the OP! THERE HAS BEEN SOME MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS YA'LL. Also have a dragon! I also do doll repaints now, which you can see over at my dolly world instagram (I do take commissions on dolls, so send me a tell!): https://www.instagram.com/dolliqueboutique/
  2. I've deleted about 20 messages from my inbox, and it still says it's full. AAAAAAH PANIC. Anyway, is this normal or is mine wonky?
  3. Nooooooo I'm still like below 30 on most of my crafting classes. ;(
  4. So many new shiny things! Commission from Tumblr! And anoooother from Tumblr! And one from the Mateus discord! And one for Akayuri!
  5. For the person who won the Bell Ball raffle!
  6. Thanks! It doesn't say anything about the bonuses in-game or on the server selection screen when you rolled on Mateus. I guess they're just quietly there?
  7. I wonder when they'll have the transfer service up.
  8. I'd keep Arrelaine on Balmung, I've got a house, it's all decorated and everything. More than likely, if they did name an official RP server, you'd have to fully pay to transfer. They wouldn't offer incentives or reimbursements for it. I probably would make some alts, however.
  9. Woooo new commission from the tumblrz! Close up of the face, for detailed viewing: I'm currently doing commissions for mogstation things and $$$! See: http://korlynn.tumblr.com/post/160520508840/wtt-art-for-mogstation-items
  10. The reason they didn't is to avoid people flooding onto Balmung and Gilgamesh knowing they won't have an opportunity again for however long. They wanted this to blindside us hoping people like yourself would transfer off. I don't say that to be mean, but it's the unfortunate reality of how SE wants to handle Balmung's overpopulation. What I do take umbrage with is their decision to lock high pop servers now but wait until Stormblood's launch before implementing bonuses or free transfers. Right now, no one has any incentive to leave since it'll still cost $18. They should have rolled ever
  11. I'd say if they did the split, they would probably generate FC lists and try to put all of one FC on one side. Or at least you'd hope.
  12. I think we should wait to make any hard decisions about another server until we see what servers will be free to transfer too. I think that's going to help immensely, though I'm still hedging bets on Mateus, as long as there's not an influx of people going there. Granted, it would have to be a lot of people, but.
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