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Looking for an Antagonist (Re-Updated at 9:50 PM Eastern)

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I know this isn't exactly something people will line up for, but I figured I might as well try.


I'm looking for a good antagonist/villain. What am I looking for?


Someone greedily and obnoxiously rich, stuck-up assholish nobility, or someone with some sort of power/sway (IE: Pirate captain, merc lord, etc.) (or a combination!) IC.

Preferably Hyur or Elezen (will consider other races though).

A few goons never hurt anyone (save for an unfortunate hero).

Someone who is nice OOCly (I'll talk to people I know to find out your OOC reputation).

Someone who has more than a little reputation ICly.

Someone who is willing to go pretty damn Dark/Mature (if Mature still indeed means that these days) if need be IC.

Be willing to work together for a hopefully long and non-lethal storyline, but by no means non-violent.

Gender doesn't matter.


If you're interested, or know someone who might be interested, please leave a reply here, send me a PM here or hunt me down in game.




Edit: I'm Eastern Time, so that probably matters for something...

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Hello there,


I just made another character recently which is a sea pirate captain. Violent, brutish, with his own reputation. He is elezen (you can read his wiki linked on my signature, William Vayne). 

I usualy like invoving myself in dark complex plots.


Are you still looking for someone? If yes maybe we can figure something out?

I'm GMT+1:00 time-zone though, but I usually stay up sometimes all night on friday or saturday depending the needs.

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