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[Balmung] LF Interest - The Moonlight Players

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We are looking for interest in setting up an IC performing group.


Especially those who want to help in the creation and operation OOC


Current Organisers:

  • Arietty Moonfall
  • Nebula Stardancer


Also we want to gauge interest from those who want to be part of the group such as:


  • Principle Actors
  • Supporting Actors
  • Management and organisers
  • Costumes & makeup
  • Set designers
  • Stage Crew



The group will be IC as much as we can be, role playing through the life of a performing group not just performances. So we would like to role play auditions, rehearsals, costumes etc.. as well as put on performances. 


We intend to set this up as a Linkshell so there is no need to join a FC to be involved, as well as having core and associate members to give up an open inclusive nature.


The plan to get going is


  • Initially we will be holding auditions followed by some training session
  • Then we hope to put on some taster performances to get us active and working together 
  • After that we can think of doing something challenging
  • We will also be aiming to weave plots into the troupe to spice things up


Performance wise the idea is to not be restrictive and allow for smaller impromptu things as well as large scale. So, we will be aiming to perform in established places as well as push the boundaries into alternative locations and organise free-form performances in the streets as well as mass flash-performances.


Timings of activities will depend on interest and how we can best plan these to suit those wanting to be involved.


So please let us know if you are interested, so we can start to break our legs.

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Great stuff you two, that makes us 5 in total. I'll chat to Arietty, who is the other behind this and we will look at getting things started in a way to include all.

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