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Strange request - can I borrow a mansion?


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In a story arc I'm running for my alt Michaux Vidal, a few characters need to break into an Ishgardian nobleman's mansion. Since Ishgard is sadly lacking in public houses that you can RP in, I was hoping that some kind soul/FC would be willing to let us use their large house as a stand-in. We would restrict our RP to party chat and do our very best not to be disruptive. Would anyone be willing to offer up their mansion for the cause?

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Shoor I haz a large FC house I dont mind you using. You shouldnt even need to worry about party chat rps.Worst that might happen isone or two of us spectating.


Im Eligor Abigor in game if you had any other questions or concerns. Also on Balmung, just in case you happen to be on Gilgamesh or somewhere else.

Thank you so much! Sent you a PM!

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