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My main alt, Khuja'sae Fashonti recently had a really horrible accident where he severely damaged his eye (it got horribly cut open by a dagger to the face and he was treated fairly quickly by a skilled physician). I've been doing a lot of research into eye injury and have deduced that the lasting damage after treatment is that the iris can no longer expand or contract and that the lense was messed up. After initial dead-eye look, the thing has healed so that one eye just never contracts in bright light, giving him a David Bowie look. The resulting eyesight in that eye is stupidly blurry and even a kinda dim room looks painfully bright on that side. Is that a logical interpretation?


Also, this character used to be a sharpshooter with a bow. Obviously this injury messes with that skill. What are feasible weapon options that would work well with this injury? Honestly. I'm a ta loss. I've heard information both favoring close and long range. I'm leaning towards a lance as being forgiving, but,  ICly, the kid always carries daggers. Any suggestions for Khu?

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Have you checked these forums yet? Monocular vision isn't a death sentence, though skills reliant on high depth perception, like archery, are going to be difficult, but people drive just fine. To quote,


"Outside of about 20 feet, everybody sees the world as if they only had one eye."



If the character was a sharpshooter, chances are his healthy eye is still excellent. How well he can still shoot will depend on their experience because a lot of archery is reliant on muscle memory and ability to make decisions quickly. He will probably need to wear a patch.


What you are describing is a torn iris and an impacted lens. Keep in mind that Bowie had multiple operations on his injured eye, so chances are it won't look as pretty (tagging for eye gore). Not being able to regulate the amount of light entering the eye for prolonged periods of time will also cause undue stain on the retina and the optic nerve. Again, consider a patch.


Maybe have him shop around for healers with ideas? I don't play one, but there are plenty of people interested in this kind of thing that probably have even better suggestions.

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