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Hello there.


I thought i'll post on these forums and see where it takes me with a bit of a background.

So.. about my RP background. I have dabbled in PnP over skype with my friends and also used to RP on a World of Warcraft, Defias Brotherhood RP server, which i found to be the start to my adventure in all this. But that was around 7 ish years ago, and at one point i stopped due to quite a bit of drama and most of my friends quitting as well. Did some RP on Guild Wars 2 as well. That went great but due to time restrictions with Uni and work, it was a hard juggle and i quit.

But now i'm here, on FF14. Heard that Balmung was one of the bigger RP servers on the game, but i could never make a character because of the creation restrictions.

Don't know what else to say, but hey, hope to find a FC here that's not too hard on uh, new people to the universe. Other than that, hope to see you on the game and i wouldn't mind questions from the people here either.

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