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Hello all! Kind of new, except not?


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Hello everyone! As gathered from the title, I'm pretty much new to the world of MMO RP, but I'm not new to the concept of RP in general. I've done forum RP and RP on a blogging site called LiveJournal (which has since moved to Dreamwidth) for around 10 years total and I've been doing some storyline plotting with my characters on FFXIV with my friends since I started playing on Cactuar almost a year ago. Recently, I've decided to jump into the fray and begin to RP in FFXIV for real!


...Except I have no idea where to start. I do have a character in Balmung that I've been leveling and working out a backstory for (Lhei'li Borshau, AKA that handsome mug in my icon there), and I am fairly familiar with the lore of FFXIV and Eorzea (I keep screenshots of blurbs from TT cards, levequests, items, etc.-- I eat that stuff up like nobody's business). I'm just trying to figure out what I can do in the world while keeping a close eye on server-wide RP events that my character would be interested in.


I suppose what I'm looking for is a group who wouldn't mind being patient with me as I try to get my footing on MMO RP with my morally questionable Moonkeeper. With that being said, it's nice to meet you all and thank you for having me!

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Welcome to the RPC! *confetti*


I'd be more than happy to have any of my girls RP with you, (wikis in my sig!) though I usually offer Rihxo up for newer players as she's the most approachable!


Throw me a PM if you'd like to RP sometime, with any of my characters!

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Welcome aboard.


I think you have a head start if you're doing on your own stories. There's some people looking to make groups with the Making Connections forum where people might be looking for specific themes and your character might fit into that.


Otherwise the Linkshells has FCs and non-FCs that are a good way to join in communities.


In the open world in general many people congregate in the city taverns/adventurer guilds. Ul'dah is prominent one (though I'm sure you already figured that out). After listening for awhile, can't hurt to ask if an open chair at a table is free, notice someone's outfit or features, accidentally get a double order of food from the waitress and share it, etc.


Not sure about Moon Keepers though, I'm asleep by then. :sleepy:

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