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Wayfarer's Rest:Valentione's Ball 2/26


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Wayfarer's Rest:Valentione's Ball



The Wayfarers of Eorzea are throwing a Valentione's party on the 26th sun of this moon! We hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday so far and now we plan to end it with a bang! There will be food, fortunetellers, music, drinks, a raffle, and more! We have stocked up on our supply of Red and Rose wine, complementary to attendees, as well as some seasonal drinks such as Hot Ishgardian Tea and Hot Chocolate. For food we will be serving a choice between Ratatoullie and Salmon Meuniere and we will be serving Creme Brulee, Bubble Chocolate, and Chocolate Hearts for dessert. For our raffle, you can win several prizes! Including a Carbunkle Clock, Plush Cushion, and a company tabard. Get your fortune told from our local fortune teller!


Come and join us for a night of feasting, socializing, and entertainment! The doors are open all day, the event will start on the 19th bell. Wayfarer's Rest is located at plot 58 of ward 6 in the Goblet.




Where: Plot 58, Ward 6 of the Goblet

When: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM CST, February 26th(Friday)


Good Morning Everyone! Or Good Afternoon, Good Evening, or Good Night!


We are hosting a party for couples and singles alike in celebration and passing of the Valentione season this year. We will be serving food and drinks IC as we do every Friday with some added twists. We will have door prizes, handled very similarly to how we did at Christmas, that will be awarded toward the end of the night. Warfarer's Rest will be modified from our normal format to include a stage for performers to do their thing on stage! We thank the Bard Rock Cafe for participating in this event and performing for us. If you would like to perform for us, please feel free to send Rinikett a PM.


Disclaimers: All food and drinks are IC RP items only, no real gil or items will be traded in this event. Fortunes given are for entertainment only and may not come true. Everyone who attends will be elgible for the drawing, but the winners must be present to receive the gift or it will go to the next in line of drawings.


We look forward to seeing you there! Take care and have a good one!

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