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Hi! From someone excited for ARR~


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I haven't really done many of these introduction threads before, but I figured to just steal ideas from the pinned thread about it ^.^;;


**This turned out... a lot longer than I expected, sorry for a lot of my random rambling <.<;;;; (read at your own risk, I just took the "talking points" from the pinned thread <<>>)


--MMORPG background


My MMORPG Background consists of; World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Aion, RIFT, TERA and Guild Wars 2. I've only gotten to cap level in one of them (TERA) and haven't done things like raiding, or the "hard" dungeons before. Generally, I end up losing interest in the games (Would've spent a lot longer in TERA had the guild I was in not fallen apart due to inactivity of everyone :<).


I really regret not giving FFXIV an initial shot, I intended to for so long and then the one day I felt like I should... well, no copies for sale nearby and the End of an Era event was going to take place a week or so later. (Thus, my most impeccable timing <.<). Still, from the footage I've seen and the many, maaany, reviews and forums I've read... plus the End of an Era cinematic... I got really excited for ARR and plan to nab that as soon as it goes on sale.


--RP experience


Man, I'm still a newb to RPing in MMO's. I've roleplayed on forums for years, even IM (though usually with good friends on IM, as I'm a fairly skittish and shy person... generally). I was in a light RP guild in TERA (Which no longer exists, sadly) but I never got around to actually RPing. I've seen it multiple times and have read countless "etiquette" and "beginner guides" on it (spanning multiple game forums :B) but I just never had the guts to really dive into it. I regret that I haven't, because it really seems like tons of fun. (Sometimes I couldn't get into the game's lore, othertimes I just couldn't really find any organized guilds for it with mature, friendly people).


So... basically, read a lot about it, but never really jumped into it. I already have some character ideas forming for FFXIV... although he's sort of an old character.


--Character ideas/info


Well, the one idea I have in my head is an older character I have (by older, I mean in terms of creation xP). A lot of the stuff I'm thinking of for him may change, if lore says no to something (But I keep plan B's for such occasions).


*He'd be presented as a much more laid back, borderline uncaring, rather sarcastic and perhaps flirtatious in a sense. A majority of his outward attitude and reactions to situations would be based in his history more, primarily dealing with living without parents along city streets trying to provide and care for his younger brother. Where he'd exist in the game, I'm imagining he and his brother having been separated (he thinking him dead, although I like leaving things open in case it'd enhance his story).

*I'm thinking to wait a bit before giving him a solid reason to be out adventuring in the world. Right now I'm going with a "Because he needs a way to support himself" but that's likely going to change once I dig up more information on the nature of the quests and stuff in the game (to sort of weave them into his purpose, if it's doable).

*He's quite a bit different from who I am, so I figure my main worry with RPing with him would be people perceiving the character as me (Which I wouldn't want, because... well, he can prolly be a bit of a jerk <.<)

*As he's traditionally been throughout every incarnation of him, he's gay (which mainly just means he'd be all "flirtsy" with men... I use "flirtsy" in quotations as he's traditionally been a lot more forward)


There's probably more I could get into, but this post is already quite long...


--How did you learn about the coalition?


Google, I just googled "FFXIV Roleplaying" to see if there was a community for it, if it existed and, if it did, I intended to try learning about the community and perhaps joining it (as I've done xP) to maybe get to know where the bulk of RPers in FFXIV are, server-wise, and to get familiar with the community so I'm not... quite as shy?


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


No idea, maybe... medium? Though I have a feeling it'd be better to gradually progress through each one and sort of settle for what I like the most. Usually, though, I find Light-RP oriented guilds (in other games) largely just completely social, so I figured medium might be what I'm looking for regarding a blend of IC and OOC.


--Anything from real life youâre comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)


* I'm a pretty shy person IRL, which translates online a bit. I'm working at it though, but I usually just get all skittish and shy in real-time discussions (Like, IMing and especially microphones/video... tried that with a group from a website once, I basically went through it silent <.<;;;;)


* I'll share that I'm gay, and I do this mainly because of some receptions I've received in the past when it was just sort of "discovered" so to speak (Like, offhandedly mentioning a boyfriend) and those receptions were much less than pleasant. (Was a few years ago, though... but I don't really want to take chances on this again).


* One of my hobbies is writing stories, usually romance in nature. Otherwise, I play videogames, read books and that's roughly about all that comes to mind.


If there's anything else you'd like to know about me... ask, I guess? Though this is pretty long as is... ^.^;;;;

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Welcome to the RPC! You'll find we tend to be a pretty friendly group. We also have a lot of people who used to be members coming back.


So welcome. I hope you enjoy it. Your best bet is to just jump into your rp. People can be pretty forgiving.

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-shudder- Another male miqo'te...


Welcome to the RPC! :) Hit Gerik up for Skype chat! We're all being super social while the game is down.


Whuts wrong with male miqo'te? :(


Anyway, welcome to the RPC! Glad to have a new face.


There are 3,850,328,564 of them. :roll:

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Oh wow, lots of new posts xD;;


Thanks for all the friendly welcomes, I'd quote and reply to each one but... I feel like that'd make this post too long ^.^;;;


Finals are sort of bearing down on me, so I might not be able to *jump in* as much as I'd like to until all those tests pass me by.


*And even if the male miqo'te are popular, I've always wanted to play a male character with the cat-ish features... and no other MMO I played really had that before (Charr don't count). Plus, it fits the way I'm used to portraying some of my characters (Although they were originally harpies, but more to do with being able to use features like tails/ears to convey emotion; for harpies it was all in the wings << >>)


We have a skype chat if you're interested while the game is down.


I'll keep that in mind, I'd try to get on it now, but I have things I should probably be doing xP (Things of the studying sort...)


Welcome! You seem pretty awesome, if you have civilization 5, you should join us sometime for a weekend game. ^.^


xD I would, but I don't own that game sadly. I just remember playing Civilization III forever ago... and not understanding it at all <.< >.>;;;

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Do NOT get Civ V!


Whatever you do. Just don't do it. It will be the worst decision you'll ever make.


It's just too damn good. You'll get on for ten minutes, nine hours later it will be light and you'll realize you have a final in twelve minutes. An hour later you'll consider calling your teacher with a made up excuse about diarea (the one excuse that always works with anyone.) You'll consider it, but then you'll forget because it's dark and you've been playing for close to twentyfour hours and have forgotten to eat.


Don't get Civ V...

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He's right.. up til 5am on that durn game. x_x;;; EVIL. TF2 is the latest Skype trend though. :)


Play whatever you want, honestly. I just give people crap about it.~ It was the same with the female miqo'tes in 1.0, after all!

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There is nothing wrong with playing a male Mi'qote. I'm not playing one, but I have an established character to go with. I'm still waiting for a decent dog based anthropomorphic race. I'd be all over that. Until then, Tadir will remain human.


So play your male Mi'qote. They should have a nice aesthetic.

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Needs more gay Roegadyns and Highlanders! :D




lol Don't worry' date=' Khrona. I'm just a big bag of silly. A lot like Gerik in some ways.[/quote'][


I-I... best keep up my guard. O_O xD Quick my useful miqo'te ears shield my eyes, shieeellld themmmmm. It's funny because... with me having played WoW so much recently.. I imagined FF14, full of naked highlanders and Roegadyns, raiding.. with Gerik as leader, oh gawsh. xD Chaos.. so much Chaos.


Anyways more on topic, Alaray! You gotta level with me! And like.. we can take on ARR as newbies together! :D

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I-I... best keep up my guard. O_O xD Quick my useful miqo'te ears shield my eyes, shieeellld themmmmm. It's funny because... with me having played WoW so much recently.. I imagined FF14, full of naked highlanders and Roegadyns, raiding.. with Gerik as leader, oh gawsh. xD Chaos.. so much Chaos.


Anyways more on topic, Alaray! You gotta level with me! And like.. we can take on ARR as newbies together! :D

Basically my naked troops and I raid Uldah naked, hard and all, just bobbing in the wind while we run to a gay massage parlor.

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