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Under Blue Skies [Open]


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Us Blue Skies folk thought it would be fun to start getting the ball rolling with the pearl once again by stirring up some adventure here on the forums during the down time. Everyone is obviously more than welcome to join in, but I'd also like to especially encourage anyone who might be interested in Blue Skies to join in. We've got a rough idea of a little plot to keep things going, but other than that we're just sort of tossing it up in the air and seeing where it goes.


This will be post-dalamud roleplay, and as such will most likely end up being non-canon and just a means to kill time and build character. However, we can certainly find a way for interactions to have had existed if you're interested in joining Blue Skies and would like to have that bit of background buffer carry over into the live version of the game.


[align=center]Under Blue Skies[/align]


It was another busy morning in Gridania. Merchants began to set up for the day's business, while adventurers and commoners alike wandered the streets in an effort to prepare themselves for the coming day's activities. As always, the guild was full of Adventurers looking to get a head start on leves or to find like-minded individuals to set out in the Twelveswood for a productive day of exploring and treasure hunting. Outside of the crowds surrounding the counters, a few small parties sat around the many tables of the guild, discussing their plans for the day over breakfast. At one such table sat a Hyur, a Lalafell, and a Roegadyn.


Endemerrin stretched his arms about behind his head and let out a roar of a yawn before allowing them to flop back down. His left arm made an uncharacteristically loud bang as it hit the table and sent the dozing Dunesfolk snapping upright from his resting position at the table. A grin spread across Endemerrin's face as he watched the Dunesfolk obviously contemplating setting him ablaze with the small crackling fire that now danced in his hand. The Lalafell's cold gaze soon faded, and he rolled his eyes while extinguishing the flame in a puff of smoke by closing his fist.


After quickly stuffing a roll into his mouth, Endemerrin glanced between his companions before quirking a brow. They also exchanged looks before shrugging in unison. Endemerrin's eyes wandered elsewhere momentarily before fixating on a young Hyur wandering through the guild. He reached out to grip the child by the sleeve, who pulled away briefly in shock before leaning forward to see what the older man wanted. "Hey-!" Endemerrin coughed out as he quickly choked down the rest of his roll. "Come here!" He beckoned a finger forward to the child and leaned over to whisper a few things in his ear as he grew closer. The child's eyes widened and an ecstatic expression glazed over his face. Endemerrin gave the kid a hearty pat on the back and pushed a pouch of gil into his chest before shooing him off.


His companions exchanged confused stares before glancing back to Endemerrin who shot a thumb off to the now happily skipping child who was making his way outside the front of the guild before disappeared into the crowd. Not long after, his voice could be heard calling out over all the laughing and shouting already present within the guild.


"The Blue Skies Adventuring Company is looking for brave adventurers willing to delve into the ruins of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft! Check in with Ser Rosethorne on the main floor near the stairs to the airship dock!"


Endemerrin drummed his hands on the table happily as the child continued to advertise before his voice finally faded into obscurity. "I figure we'll just see how this goes. Depending on what kind of numbers show interest, we can just split off into multiple groups when we enter." His gaze shifted to the Lalafell and Roegadyn. "I figure Xenedra and I can handle any fresh meat that head our way, and you two can go off on your own to map out the rest of the dungeon for our client, yeah?"


The Roegadyn cracked a fist into his open palm and bellowed out a hearty laugh. "Aye, I'll make sure tha' runt doesn' git 'imself lost." Within a blink of an eye, a small flame sparked to life on the Roegadyn's tabard, which he quickly patted out before growling down at the almost emotionless gaze of the Dunesfolk that was now staring up at him. "An' speakin' of tha' lass, where is yer better half? Figured ye' would've shown up 'ere at tha' same time."

Endemerrin shrugged and leaned back in his chair before folding his hands behind his head. "She was going to pick up a few things before meeting us here. Should be here, uh.. ...soon? I think. Hopefully. Yeah." He said with a confident nod before kicking his feet up onto the table.

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A smirking, red-haired Miqo'te trotted up behind the leader of the waiting trio and leaned down near his ear to softly quip, "You don't really sound sure. Did you think I was going to run out on you~?"


Standing straight once more, Xenedra spun a lazy turn and settled into the chair next to Endemerrin's. She dropped a half-full sack on the table in front of him and winked. "I hope that's enough, that's all they were willing to sell me. There isn't any left over gil, either. I bought myself a present from you with it~ You're so considerate!"


With a pleased little squeal, she pecked his cheek and then shifted her attention to the other two. "Hello, boys!"

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Isaac stretched his head to one side as he rubbed his shoulder, trying to work out a kink he had gotten from sleeping oddly on the forest floor the night before. He had been traveling nearly non-stop from Thanalan, sleeping only when he couldn't stay on his feet any longer. It's not that he had important business in Gridania, though he hadn't checked in with the Adders Nest in quite some time, but rather he was eager to get home. That, and he was to meet someone in the Conjurer's guild in two days time, so really he was early.


As he made his way up the path to the Adventurer's Guild, Isaac could tell it was going to be a busy day. People were already milling about to a from the guild, no doubt gathering their daily allotment of leves hoping to earn some gil. It might make for a good way to kill some time.


"The Blue Skies Adventuring Company is looking for brave adventurers willing to delve into the ruins of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft! Check in with Ser Rosethorne on the main floor near the stairs to the airship dock!"


Isaac turned his attention to the Hyur shouting out the invitation, his ears twitching slightly at the level of the young man's voice coupled with the noise in the guild. Isaac wasn't really one for going on adventure's with people he didn't know, but therein lay the problem; he didn't know a lot of people. He was by no means sheltered, having traveled to lands outside of Eorzea, even visiting his Miqo'te ancestral home, but he never had anytime to sit down and make friends, gain allies. He nodded to himself. This was as good an opportunity as any. He checked to make sure his tail was securely wrapped around his waist, out of reach and sight, then made his way to the stairway.


As he descended the stairs, his sharp green eyes darting about at the people gathered in the lower level of the guild, he noticed a table with several people occupying its chairs. This must be the one, he thought to himself. He tossed the sides of his cloak over his shoulders and adjusted the shoulder strap of the black sleeve covering his left arm, his right arm curiously bare, and stopped before the group gathered at the table. He placed his left arm on his hip and nodded.


"Ser Rosethorne? I hear you're looking for aid traversing the Tam-Tara Deepcroft."

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Standing off to the side of the Adventurer's Guild entrance, a tall and powerfully built female Roegadyn gazes nervously at the crowds of people funneling in and out of the building going about their business. Fussing with a couple of the straps of her pristine armor, she looks about ready to turn tail and run.


"This is ridiculous...why in the names of the Twelve did I go through with this? I'm no adventurer..." she mutters to herself softly, her demure voice carrying with it the shaky tremble of anxiety, "...but it's too late to back out now. I'm wearing the last of my coin. Time to suck it up and get to work."


"The Blue Skies Adventuring Company is looking for brave adventurers willing to delve into the ruins of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft! Check in with Ser Rosethorne on the main floor near the stairs to the airship dock!" came the call over the sounds of the myriad conversations going on around her, drawing her attention back to the guild hall.


Squaring her shoulders and putting on a brave face, she nods once and strides toward the Adventurer's Guild purposefully. At least until she runs head long into a group on their way out of the guild hall. "Ooops. Sorry. Excuse me...sorry. Excuse..." she bumbles as she weaves and bumps her way through the middle of the group, looking every bit as awkward as a buffalo ballerina. Finally making her way through the group and into the guild hall, she looks around nervously and tries to regain her composure, heading over to the entrance to the airship docks and looking around for anyone that looks like they are on the lookout.

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The young Midlander girl shrugged as the tall figure leaning against the wall motioned to the table where Endermerrin was gathering adventurers. There is a brief, whispered exchange between the two of them before she pouts, swaying back and forth on her toes. This leads to another, somewhat longer whispered exchange as the figure leans down to head level with the girl. In a swift snap she stops swaying back and forth and quickly nods.


The girl turns around and crosses her arms, scrutinizing those assembled at the table. She is a thin slip of a thing, even for fourteen. Her blonde hair is bobbed short, and she sports a brilliant pair of green eyes paired with a near perpetual grin. She is dressed in black and dark brown leather, with matching boots up that come up to her thigh. Her grin fades slightly as she turns back, tracking the leaning figure as he moves to a different spot in the room. She nods at him once more before striding swiftly over to the table and placing her hand on it in a brisk motion.


"My name is Hope. Dad says I should go with you guys, and even with the pouting there was no talking my way out of it. He probably thinks I'll learn something important or something like that. So. What are we doing? This isn't going to take long is it?"

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A sly smirk spread across his face as Xenedra took her seat at the table. "So nice of you to join us~" He wormed a hand out to momentarily pinch at her hip. The Dunesfolk seemed somewhat oblivious to her greeting, instead choosing to focus on a map he had begun to unfurl in front of himself. The Roegadyn bellowed out a hearty "G'morning!" while slamming his fists down on the table.


However, as if on queue, curious adventurers began to shuffle into view. His smirk grew into a wide grin as they began to approach, one by one. "Almost as if things haven't changed all since we've been gone, eh?" He quipped nonchalantly to his party members with a faint laugh.


A Miqo'te, a Roegadyn, and a young Hyur. Endemerrin rubbed his hands together as some made their approach and others seemed more hesitant. "Indeed, I am Ser Endemerrin Rosethorne." He gave his chest a pat in acknowledgement. "Though I'd prefer it if you call me Endemerrin, or Merri if you're so inclined." His eyes darted between the small crowd he was addressing, subtly studying their appearances and dispositions. Hunting for any weapons that much denote their strengths and talents. He gave a quick nod to the male Miqo'te, and a playful wink to the young Hyur girl. "Yes, we are going to be tackling the deepcroft and yes, you will learn something important young lady!" Endemerrin reached out to drape a hand across Xenedra's shoulders. "This here is Xenedra. She will also be helping front this expedition, and depending on what sort of interest we garner we may split off into more than one group." He leans over to return her kiss from earlier before glancing to any men staring in the table's direction and wagging a finger from side to side with a playful grin toying at his lips.


"We won't be heading out just yet, but feel free to speak amongst yourselves and get acquainted. Grab something to eat if you haven't yet, and just be ready to head out when we've formed up. And don't be shy! I'm sure no one bites." He looks unsure for a moment before offering a reassuring thumbs up. "Well, no one bites hard, anyways. Not unless you ask~"

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As Merri announces himself, the Roegadyn woman lowers her eyes and approaches the group quietly, keeping her head down and saying nothing as she glances around at the others as subtly as she can manage. This certainly was shaping up to be a motley crew, especially when a child chose to come along. Looking the little girl up and down, she can't help but feel a little embarrassed that even the youngest of the group didn't seem to be as nervous as she was. Shifting her weight from side to side, she tightens her hands into fists and relaxes them slightly, allowing her fingers to brush down over the pair of cestus on her hips. Just knowing that the weapons were there seemed to give her at least a small amount of comfort, but not so much that she was about to come out of her shell and talk to the others. Sitting off to the side, she waits patiently for things to get started.

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Isaac lowered his hand and nodded with a slight smile. "Very well, Endemerrin, Xenedra, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He shifted a few pouches on his belt, revealing several small sheathed daggers and a quiver of arrows hidden behind his cloak; his bow, however, was no where in sight. "My name Isaac and I've no where to be at the moment, so waiting around for a bit won't be a problem."


His gazed shifted to the other adventurer's making their way to the table. Isaac had to crane his neck slightly to peer up at the Roegadyn. He gave her a nod in greeting and a smile. He was about to extend his hand when he noticed the young Hyur girl stroll up and talk to Endermerrin. His brow furrowed as he addressed the young girl.


"Are you not a little young to be out adventuring in a place as dangerous as the Deepcroft?"

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"Oh I am overjoyed. Lessons. Cannot wait," Hope puts on her best mask of mock excitement, gesturing to it with both of her hands. "See this, this is my overjoyed face."


Hope pauses a moment, idly pulling a chakram from her belt and twirlling it around with one of her fingers. She then turns around and rests herself on agains the table top, bringing her other hand to her chin as if lost in thought.


"Hmmm. Still, it cannot be helped. Even with pouting. I am pretty sure I know WHY I am here. Nothing left now but to take in and enjoy the journey," she punctuates this last statement with a smile, before turning her eyes toward other two who stepped forward. There look in her eyes that is not unlike a fox eyeing chickens. "Aww. You are concerned for my well being, such a nice man you are. Isaac, right? Are you going to make sure I'm the most well protected little gosling on the trip? That is so very sweet of you to offer without even asking. I think I rather like you. Well if you take care of me, I'll take care of the nervous one. Deal? No backsies now, I don't want to have to come to your rescue. That would just be all sorts of strange and improper."


She smiles sweetly, and flutters her eyelashes before snapping herself into a chair at the table.


"So. Food. What is good here?"

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Her eyes cut to the side, Xenedra gives Endemerrin an almost mocking little smile. She murmurs to him quietly, teasing, "Possessive today, aren't we~?"


Gazing lazily over the gathered interested, she calls to the Roegadyn, "You're going to have to give us a name, sugar. We can call you 'hey you,' if you like, but it's not very specific and might lead to a liiiittle confusion. That said," she shifts her attention to the Miqo'te and girl, "it's good to see you're all interested.. or at least pretending to be~"


She nods briefly at the Miqo'te man's concerns and fixes the snarky blonde girl with one of her best "You are what's good to eat here and I'm going to eat you alive" grins, "Why don't you do me a favor and tell your 'daddy' to stop hiding in the shadows. It's very nostalgic, but not very productive~"

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Looking between Isaac and Hope as they converse, she blushes brightly as Hope calls her out as the nervous one. She really couldn't deny it, and she couldn't help but be taken aback by just how confidently the little girl carried herself. Clearly she was more world wise than her young age would suggest. Glancing over at Xenedra as she addresses her, she nods once and clears her throat.


"G-Genevieve..." she mutters softly, stepping a bit closer to the group and looking to each of them with an incline of the head, "I hope you all don't mind if I join you. I am a bit new to adventuring...and I was hoping that I might see how it is done by a more experienced party..."


Wringing her hands slightly, she looks to Endemerrin hopefully. "I will understand if you would rather take someone more experienced...of course."

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I read a little sarcasm in your post Yssen, which is why I replied the way I did. If there wasn't any sarcasm, let me know as I'm a little unsure, and I'll fix my post accordingly.



Isaac grinned fondly at Hope, at once taking a liking to her attitude and the way she carried herself for one of such a young age. "Actually, I was thinking you might be able to keep me well behaved," he leaned in, looking about conspiratorially as he placed a hand to the side of his mouth, whispering. "You see I've got an adventurous spirit and an itchy bow finger, not to mention I have a knack for finding trouble and mischief. I'd hate to cause the group any undue troubles and it's better that someone, such as yourself, keep a close eye on me incase something goes wrong." He stood back to his full height and folded his arms across his chest.


"So you see, Hope, I don't doubt your skills or your wherewithal; on the contrary, I'm counting on them for the sake of the rest of the group. As they say, 'you watch my back, and I'll watch yours.'"

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Endemerrin grinned to himself as the group began to mingle amongst themselves. He leaned over to whisper a few things in the ear of the Lalafell Black Mage sitting to his right, who nodded slowly for a moment before pointing out a few locations on the map to Endemerrin. The two studied it for a moment before seeming to come to an agreement on something with a mutual nod. The Dunesfolk rolled up the map and tucked it away before peering curiously at the various adventurers around the table with the lone green eye that stood out from his covered face. Seeming content with who had volunteered thus far, he brought a hand up to pull down the massive brim of his hat, and sunk back into his chair.


"Everyone has to start somewhere, love." He offers a sly wink to the Roegadyn woman, before biting his lip in contemplation. His eyes open wide for a moment as if coming to a realization before he fishes down to his hip and heaves up a pair of massive weapons from his hips. With two loud thunks he sets the Sphairai upon the table, before glancing to Genevieve and gesturing to her Cesti. "Hell, maybe I could even show you a thing or two." He gave a short laugh and picked up one of the coeurl-esque weapons. As he held it, the jaw dropped open and it seemed to almost growl, inaudibly of course.


"Don't be shy!" Endemerrin called out to the crowds that shuffled by. "Plenty of riches and excitement to be had out in the deepcroft! Why bother with boring leves when you can have real adventure!" He beckoned strangers forward, hoping to snare a few more willing souls.

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Genevieve's jaw drops open along with Sphairai as she gazes at the weapons with more than a little envy in her eyes. "Magnificent..." she mutters softly, her eyes transfixed on Merri's weapons before she finally manages to shake herself out of her reverie and look back up to him. "I'm sure that you could, I don't know much." she says softly, slipping her hands into her cestus and dropping into a fighting stance. "I'm pretty sure that I hit people with these..."


Giving her arms a little flex, she squares her shoulders and bobs a little in place, her muscles flexing powerfully under her skin as she sways from side to side. It is obvious that the inexperienced Roegadyn is physically strong, but her form is laughably sloppy, leaving herself almost completely open to attack.


"I will do my best to stay out of the way, and still be helpful..."

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Hope looks to Xenedra, her expression changing to a genuine frown. "Father... he. He doesn't like being found at the moment, well for a while actually. I don't really know why."


She stares at the table, her expression showing a tinge of worry before she closes her eyes and snaps herself back to grinning. He raises her hand to attract the attention of a waitress. "Mmmm. Strawberry wine please," she says with a wink, producing some coins and keeping one to roll in her fingers in a fairly familiar fashion.


"I wouldn't worry too much, he is pretty good at fending for himself. Well, sorta." Hope smiles a fox like smile, "I can take ya to him later. He'd probably hate me doing that. So that means I totally should!"


As Hope's order arrives, she smiles at the waitress. She drops her payment on the tray, taking the glass with her free hand, and continuing to spin the coin in her other. She darts her attention back over to Isaac, flashing him a slightly toothy grin.


"I know your kind, kind sir. So things will at least be familiar. Should probably work on that itchy bow finger. Control, and all that. That is the first lesson. Maintain control, control yourself and you control the flow of what flows around you. Be as the stone that stands defiant in the river. I have no problem watching your backside, just don't stare at mine too long. It'd be weird."


She takes a sip of her wine, making a strange face after she is finished. She then looks thoughtful, as if she is trying to figure out the point of something.

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Xenedra watched the girl test out the drink with a half smirk, "I'm sure that will be a very informative meeting."


It had been a near shot in the dark, of course, after seeing the girl tromp over from the direction of a somewhat familiar figure with a somewhat familiar stance, but she had assumed the girl's father was Yssen. The strawberry wine and the coin-acrobatics confirmed it. She wondered if the girl was aware of just how many hints she'd dropped as to her father's identity. Then again, maybe they were dropped to incorrectly back up her assumptions- but that was silly, what would the point be? Pushing aside her paranoid suspicions, she refocused on the girl.


"Do you like it? It's my favorite."

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Hope stopped her pondering and turned her attention back to Xenedra, she placed the glass carefully back on the table.


"Not really. It is a bit too sweet. I tend to prefer a more sour red, when I can manage to get it. He said to order it if I got a look like the one I got from you earlier. I have no idea why. He doesn't give instructions so much as he gives me riddles sometimes. I can usually figure out what he means."


Hope slips into a brief troubled look, and then back into a grin.


"No matter. Sometimes you are the fox, others the chicken. Or something like that."

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Isaac shook his head slightly and moved around to the other side of the table. Finding a chair, he pulled it out and away from the table a little bit, reached behind him underneath his cloak and procured a bow shaft. He sat in the chair and retrieved a bow string from one of the pouches at his waist. He held the bow shaft in his right hand, strung one end with the string and placed the lower tip in the curve of his boot. His muscles flexed as he bent the shaft with one arm and went about completing his work.


"What is it you're hoping to find in the Deepcroft, Endemerrin? One doesn't simply venture a place such as that just for fun." Isaac stopped stringing his bow for a moment in thought. "At least, not that I've heard anyway, but I suppose to each his own."


Isaac finished stringing his bow. Gripping the center of the bow shaft in his left hand, he tested the tension on the string. Finding it satisfactory, he strung the bow over his shoulder and scooted his chair closer to the table.

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"Yeah, hitting things is a good place to start. I mean, that's how I got started." He let out a faint chuckle. "Gets a bit deeper than that depending on what road you end up taking, but.." He trailed off momentarily, letting his eyes drift back down to his weapons. "That's an entirely different subject, really." After giving Genevieve another reassuring wink, he turned his attention to Isaac.


"Ah, well.." He did his best to hide a grin by lifting his left arm and pressing his mouth to his closed fist. After remaining in the position for a moment he removed his hand and leaned back in his chair. "It isn't really any one particular thing, rather a wide variety of tasks that have accumulated over the past week or so." Endemerrin loosely gestured towards Xenedra and the Lalafell sitting to his right, who was already staring intensely at Isaac with his single glossy eye. "My associates and I here only recently revived our little company. I guess you could say some rather ...interesting events saw us forced on a hiatus for a few years. Eorzea has certainly changed since we've last been active, and we decided to expand our business out from being just an extension of the Adventurer's Guild." He smirked. "We decided to take cartography under our wing as well, since it tied in so flawlessly with our overarching purpose."


The Dunesfolk cleared his throat before interrupting Endemerrin. "What this imbecile is trying to explain is that we have taken a contract to map out some of Deepcroft for a client. There is much left to be excavated, and we will be providing an accurate layout of these areas for them. In line with this, you will be assisting Endemerrin and his little harlot with clearing out some of the more unsavory fauna that has taken up residence in recent years. There has also been concerns of unnatural activity within the deepcroft that will be investigated at this time as well."


Endemerrin exhaled sharply and nodded along slowly with the Dunesfolk's long-winded explanation, flapping his fingers together in a mocking manner while mouthing "Blah blah blah~" to the rest of the group.

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Listening quietly as the objectives are explained to her, Genevieve nods her head and crosses her arms over her chest. Following orders was at least something that she had experience with, so she listened intently for the details. It isn't until the lalafell refers to Xenedra as a harlot that her expression suddenly and drastically changes.


"Now see here! That is no way to refer to a lady!" she says, uncrossing her arms and pointing at the lalafell sharply. "Women deserve to be treated with the same level of respect that you would expect others to show you, and failing to do so only serves to cheapen the intellect that you obviously possess."


Looking to Xenedra, she gestures to the lalafell. "You need not take such verbal abuse from him, stand up for yourself! You're not a harlot are you?" she says, looking over Xenedra appraisingly, "Are you?"

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Xenedra shrugs calmly and adopts a ditzy expression for just a moment, "You think he was talking about me? I thought he was referring to Mr. Barracuda~"


She nods toward the hulking Roegadyn man at the table, "He does get ALL the ladies~. Don't worry about it, sugar. It's how he shows affection. He's really trying to tell me how attractive he finds me."


She winks at the grouchy Lalafell and blows him a kiss.

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Isaac's ears twitched in attention as he listened to the Lalafell's explanation of their duty and what they were to accomplish. He had some experience in dealing with unnatural activities of both explainable and unexplainable causes. He leaned forward, resting his arms on the table, his expression turning serious as he addressed the Dunesfolk.


"Any idea on the cause of these unnatural happenings? What have the reports said?" He was only half paying attention to Genevieve's outburst at the Dunesfolk calling Xenedra a harlot, but figured best to stay out of such matters. Taking an interest in the personal issues of people he just met never led to anything good, in his experience anyway. Perhaps there would be time for that later. He was here on business. Business that just got a little more interesting.

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Genevieve blinks and looks dumbfounded at Xenedra, not quite following her line of logic but nevertheless having the legs swept out from under her righteous ire. "Uhm...well...okay. If you say so..." she says, shrinking back into her shell and blushing fiercely.

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The Roegadyn adjusted his red overcoat and puffed his chest out slightly. "Aye, tha' ladies can' seem t' keep 'emselves off me!" He leaned forward on the table, causing it to creak heavily under his weight. Bearing his massive, toothy grin, he winked at Genevieve. "I mus' 'ave this lass in a tizzy wit' me ruggedly handsome looks an' charm."


The Dunesfolk seemed to almost completely tune out the women, instead choosing to fluff out a newspaper in front of himself while continuing to address Isaac. "Nothing we haven't dealt with before. Lambs of Dalamud, Voidsent, et cetera." He flipped through a few of the pages, mumbling something under his breath.


Endemerrin glanced over to the newspaper for a moment before shooting Isaac yet another grin. "We had a few run ins with the Lambs of Dalamud about five years back, and they were never really anything to be incredibly worried about. Just crazed cultists, really. There's probably nothing too serious going on down there, but we'll be checking anyways just to be on the safe side. We intend to work with our client for a few other jobs, and having some drooling fanatics do away with them would be bad for business, you know?

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Hope patiently pretend to listen to the briefing, continuing to flip the coin through her fingers. When the dust settles on the harlot comment, she leans over toward Genevieve .


"Way to go, nervous kid," she punctuates with a smile and a wink.


She stares for a half second at the glass she set on the table, rubbing her chin briefly. She snaps to actual attention at the mention of the Lambs of Dalamud and Voidsent.


"Wait. What?" she says, swiftly covering up a worried expression with a cocksure mask. "We don't expect Voidsent do we? Dad is totally not going to let me near him for a week if we are dealing with one of those. Or is it summoning up to try and talk to one of those? I forget. He lectures on and on about the his old days. I usually just tune him out."

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