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Hello there sir/ma'am. Yes, you reading this. How has your day/evening/night been going? I hope it's been going ubertastic:D:D


Awkward introductions aside. Jax here! I'm fairly new. Kind of. Sort of. Ok not really. Well, I have 2 lvl 55 characters (one Au ra, one Miquote). I've been playing on Balmung for a while now and have dipped into RP every once in a while. My first RP experience was playing Fiesta! Online. I stopped playing mmorpgs for a while, then picked up TERA and Aion and hopped right back into it. I've also spent some time RPing in a couple of forums. My favorite RP is story/character heavy RP. I love seeing characters evolve and their story fleshing out over the course of the gaming experience. 


Although, I can be a little awkward when first interacting with people, as I never know how my character is going to fit in. I decided to (finally) start utilizing this awesome omega website for more than just browsing, and here I am! Hoping me and Jax could really bond with some awesome omega people. Here is a little bio of my current RP character. 


"He tries not to take life too seriously, and lives in the moment. "You never know, this could be the last beer I ever drink" is usually his excuse when acting impulsively. He thinks on his feet most of the time, and doesn't usually wait around to hear someones grand plan. He doesn't believe in the idea of someone being "right" or "wrong", simply the consequences of individual actions. He believes that the world is constantly being torn between what people think is "good" and "evil", "lawful" and "chaotic". He has stated that the free thinkers, those who don't coincide with the idea of right and wrong, much like himself, are what keep this world from tipping over either side. He claims they are the pure balance in the world. The ones who keep everyone around them grounded. He struggles with the idea of Gods. He cannot deny that we exist because something made us exist, but is concerned with the idea of "what". Although he feels this way, he prays to random Deities without realizing it."



(Hope that's not too much. Is it? It is. I'll take my leave now :chocobo:



My in game name is Jax Jonah. I'm on sparatically but can be best caught between 12 a.m.-3 a.m. est. Don't be shy to shoot me a message! Because I know I will! 

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Welcome to the RPC! *confetti*


I would be happy to RP with you on any of my girls! Their wikis are in my signature, though I usually offer up Rihxo first because she's the most agreeable out of all three.


I won't be on that late until the weekend if I'm not busy, but you're welcome to PM me if you're interested!

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