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Next set of ARR Invites on Dec.12


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Ahh, sorry for the late notice, I only recently started following the FFXIV twitter, but yesterday, December 10th, the following was posted:

Next invitation to the ARR alpha testing will be sent on Dec. 12th. Please wait and don't forget to cross your fingers. #FFXIV

So keep an eye on your inboxes tomorrow if you haven't already gotten an invite, like myself.


Also, a new post was made to the Developers' Blog show casing the SE building, approximately where Yoshi-P's office is in relation to the front of the building and... this little guy:




Could Tonberries be making their FFXIV debut in ARR!?

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I used to find Tonberries really creepy when I was little' date=' probably due to the fact they could insta-kill you, and I got an invite today! ^ __ ^ I can't wait until my clients finished preparing.[/quote']



You lucky dog you! ;p I demand screen shots!


...of course, I can demand all I want, doesn't mean I'll get it though lol.

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