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Hello everyone, let me start by introducing myself a little. I'm Dark, also known as Ry, or Jade, I'm not new to RP in FF14, I've been around on Balmung for well over a year, and was on Gilgamesh before that. I love to RP, it is one of the main things that keep me interested in a game. But as much as I love to RP, due to certain events that took place and drama mostly I ended up falling out of RP, and shifted my focus to end-game.


Now I am trying(and seemingly failing) to get back into RP, after being end-game focused for so long most of my old RP contacts either don't play anymore or are in the same boat I am in trying and failing to get back into RP. So a good friend of mine suggested that I take a look around here and introduce myself.


Mainly I'm looking for long-term RP, annnd specifically RP that doesn't always take place within a free company house or one of the three major cities(four if you count Ishgard, but Ishgard is still new and I'd rather enjoy RPing there once and awhile). I like adventure RP, going out and exploring and having fun! I'm am a heavy RPer, and have been known to spend entire days doing nothing but RP.


Okay,now for a bit about my character. Jade is a Xaelan auri who from a young age was trained in the dark arts of the Dark Knights, she proved to have an especially strong connection with her dark side. She is also skilled with multiple weapons, and is a trained monk, though she will usually call upon her great sword when the going gets tough. She once had a twin sister, but she was killed many years ago. She still talks about her sister a lot, and her black coeurl kitten is actually named after her sister, and has the uncanny ability to sometimes act as her sister would. Jade has spent most of her life wandering aimlessly, going wherever her feet take her, in search of a place worthy of being called home. She has the tendency to be quiet, being out of her element around people. Usually she holds a rather gloomy and emotionless exterior but deep down Jade is simply looking for a place where she fits in and is accepted for who she is. She has lived a life of anger and hatred, pain and suffering.


She is in need of friends who are willing to put up with her cold and gloomy attitude and drag her out to do fun things. If you put in the time to break through her exterior and gain her trust you'll gain a friend who is fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect those she cares about.

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Hiya! Welcome to the RPC (or welcome back, based on registration date)!


While I don't know any groups off the top of my head, the best advice I could give would be to throw yourself out into the open and approach people! (Or PM them here if you've been looking around the wiki and want to reach out).


I'd definitely recommend peering over into the Making Connections forum on the RPC as you may find someone looking for someone who just could be your character!

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