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Tiny Roe seeking Hearer

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Hallo! Cherry is needing to find a Hearer in the Black Shroud so as to talk to a tree for vital reasons related to punching. Someone who can perhaps teach her to communicate with the elements would be definitely helpful!


If you can help with this please drop me a PM here, message me at cherryroe.tumblr.com or ping me in game :)

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I think my character could actually help with that. It could also make her overcome her unwillingness to get back to the Shroud for background reasons. But she is still a Hearer, one of the only things she is very good at. 


If you are willing to insist a bit ICly for that to happen and make her yield her initial refusal, i'm totally up for it.


She can be found most of the times around Uldah or even Limsa those days, though i'm not opposed for the meeting to happen anywhere else if you ever decide to go with it. The only major hurdle I see is how to bring that up for both character because you know, she doesn't exactly go around with a huge nameplate above her head where it's written "HEARER HERE"...

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