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Ask Questions for Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVIII! (Lead UI Minagawa)

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Greetings, everyone!


We're pleased to announce the next Letter from the Producer LIVE, Part XXVIII! This next Live Letter will take place on Saturday, March 26, 2016 at 3:00 a.m. (PDT) / 10:00 (GMT)!


In this thread we'd like you to pose questions for Lead UI Artist Hiroshi Minagawa.

Please forward questions on the game's UI design and also general questions about him in person.


When submitting your question, we ask that you follow these steps:

  • Please post your question(s) as a reply to this thread
  • Please limit posts to your question(s) only and do not use this thread for discussion
  • If another player already asked a question you had in mind, simply click the "Like!" button instead of re-posting the question
  • Please post only one question per reply (of course you are allowed to post several replies!)

* For more information regarding the Letter from the Producer LIVE, please read the following: NA / EU

* Please note that once the event is over, we will be closing this thread.


If you'd like to flag your questions for more visibility below, feel free to! As this is a news thread, please keep your posts informational. Discussions on specific topics can be done in FFXIV Discussion with a link to the post or thread in question.

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I'll also start us off with one that's been requested a couple times.


We've seen that additional status icons can be implemented in the game like the new icons for the Mentor System. Would something similar be possible for people who roleplay on FFXIV to denote either a "looking for roleplay" or "in-character for roleplay" status?




I play on a few different computers depending on location/platform. Are there any tools that would allow me to sync or copy my hotbars, crossbars, UI layout, gearsets and macros across these machines? On the PC version, I've become comfortable with copying the files as needed, but that only works if I remember to make a backup and isn't possible for the console versions of the game.




With Patch 3.2, we saw that there were some UI adjustments for players with high-resolution (4K) monitors. Are there any additional graphics updates planned such as better anti-aliasing or higher-resolution textures?



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I'd like to bump one of my questions for increased visibility as it quite possibly would be a desirable feature for a number of roleplayers other than myself.


(Sorry for the little flair of desperation I added in there).


This is a really big one for me..... can we please, please please have the eight character limit per server lifted? Currently, my subscription pays for up to 40 character slots which is incredibly generous, only I have no intention of really using most of those slots because I am at home on my server and have no desire to play other characters elsewhere. The only benefit to this setup is using them to create disposable characters to merely test appearances and voices on open servers before trying to create the finalised version on congested servers like Balmung.


There should be no drawback to a single player having more characters on the same server being that they can obviously only use one at a time. Though even if it comes down to paying a premium similar to having extra retainers, that would be better than nothing at all



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Will we ever get the ability to edit our interface to the extent that you can do so in other games, such as World of Warcraft?


Will we ever get the ability to exclude buffs/debuffs on the party frames that we don't want to see?


Can you guys add HoT/debuff durations to the spell icons on the party frame window? It would be nice to be able to see when Regen is going to fall off without having to manually target someone.


Edited to Add: If someone could post these to the official forums, I would be grateful as I am unable to do so. :-P

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