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Hi I'm a spy.. Hum new i mean!


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Hello everyone <3! 


First, sorry for my bad english.


Second things : X'zanza here! Well I did not get really into RP in FFXIV, I come in the server (Balmung )for a friend ( That in fact never RP with me in the game... * Note that she need to correct that soon* ), but still never really rp in the game. ( Maybe one or two times, no two times in fact if we say that a rp of 1 minute count, but I want sooo much to RP more ) 


I RP since 3-4 years in WoW and now well I'm in love with FFXIV so here I am! 


But I was in many forum of RP before, I RP in my native language ( French ) Since 10 years. ( I feel old when I say that ) 


Beside the fact that I'm a new person Rping here ( So still trying to understand how to correctly rp without addon to see a description of the other), I'm still noob in the game, not even max level, I'm like lvl 33. ( I'm so slow to lvl ;-; ) Well let's come back to the subject, I'm too a little artist ( Need to redraw the new X'zanza haircut ). ( Still not good like a lot of artist from FFXIV that I see, but slowly I became better \o\ ) 


I'm even more a shy person who is too shy to talk to the other, because of my english ( That I try to ameliorate ) I can be an happy person when I'm used to talk to the others. ( After people wonder how I can be an adult with my happy personnality. ) 


Let's do a bit of my character now :


So X'zanza is the only character I have on Balmung, she is an happy Miqo'te who desire to travel all around the world on the back of her big fat chocobo, who is sometime follow by a little one, to find the perfect meal recipe of all the world and to be a better artisan. 


So yea! FINALLY. Thanks to have read and I hope to be able to make friend here! <3


By the way, still sorry for my errors.

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