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Why hello there. I've been sort of lurking around the forums the past few days, reading up on the threads and what not. Now that I'm a bit more comfortable, here I am to try and introduce myself! And, because I'm cheating, I've decided to just fill this out! Cruise-control to win.


--MMORPG background

My MMO history isn't as extensive as it could be. My first MMO was MapleStory, the Korean side-scrolling RPG. I managed to lock myself out of my bank account by splurging on hundreds of dollars worth of ornaments that last, max, two months...And the whole game is free to play! So, needless to say, I had to quit playing that game, as cute as it was.


Next, I moved on to World of Warcraft around the end of Burning Crusade. I played Horde-side on both Ravenholdt and Wyrmrest Accord. I played unto Cataclysm, where I leveled my priest and rogue to level 85 then retired from the game due to general boredom. Again, aesthetics play a lot into my mental equations and both the quality of the garments and the quality of the roleplay in my general area at that time were sort of dead or dying.


Partway through the WoW adventures, I stopped to pre-order FFXIV. I even got the fun little goggles and went out and bought me a new graphics card. However, the graphics card didn't come with a fan, my original card was factory/integrated, and yadda, yadda, yadda, explosion. I briefly remember a LS named MoogleHouse, I think, but... things happened. Bad things that I don't fully recall.


Finally, there is Star Wars: The Old Republic. I used to work for Electronic Arts as a Quality Assurance tester and I really thought this wasn't going to be a horrible game when I first heard about it (because many of us generally believed if Bioware touched it first, the pestilence of EA's dabbling wouldn't do any damage). It wasn't a terrible game, I played through it to end game on a Sith Marauder. We played on Jung Ma and I'd say I lasted about four months before I felt like I'd done everything worth doing and decided I was finished.


--RP experience


I'll try not to have this be as extensive as the last question:


I started roleplaying in forums and yahoo groups at age twelve (roughly thirteen years ago). I generally created huge mary-sue crazy characters such as Lunar Kitsune, the fox-demon priestess. By age fourteen, I'd discovered yahoo chats and began lurking in roleplaying chatrooms. At this point I mostly practiced roleplaying pre-made characters from comic books or anime. I admit, though, it gave me some experience in diversity; how to play vastly different characters. Then, I had a short and unfruitful time with table-top/LARPing.


And finally, there was MMO roleplaying. It began almost as a joke in MapleStory, then became more serious in WoW. I learned to do my lore research, and what godmoding was, as well as metagaming. Overall, my largest bit of growth came from learning how to roleplay through WoW.


--Character ideas/info


As I stated before, I played FFXIV (and I rocked my goggles), until my computer decided it would no longer suffer the strain. My friend recently decided that when FFXIV: ARR comes out, he wants to be there and he would like a roleplaying aspect to his future LS/FC (I'll call it guild for now, as I'm not sure what it'll actually be.). So, I have been selected to lead the roleplaying aspect of this group. To that end, we'll be running with a Neutral Good guild with a Twelve basis. As a leader in that sort of environment, my character will be a devout monk/war priestess. I originally had the concept of a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te, but after some perusing through the Coalition's Wiki, as well as many different threads, I've come to realize there will be a -lot- of Miqo'tes. So, in keeping with the character's strict and superstitious personality, I believe I will be rolling a Hellsguard Roegadyn female instead.


I do have a general idea of her personality (disciplined, stoic, faithful) but I was having a bit of a hang up on the name. I read here http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Roegadyn that the naming conventions are rather original but for the life of me I couldn't find any other Roegadyn word-translations other than the ones from that link. I'm not sure if these are even canon, but ASSUMING they are, I'm stuck between Siobhain Surtsthalwyn or Eithne Surtsthalwyn. Eithne means, (apparently) 'little fire' and Surtsthalwyn, I'm intending to mean 'Black' (like from the Norse) 'Steel' 'Daughter'. I've made up new meanings for existing names before, so long as I thought they fit, but I'm wondering if that might not work here. So I'm accepting votes. Either way, Siobhain or Eithne might mean 'Little' 'Fire'.


--How did you learn about the coalition?


I vaguely recalled, back from when I started playing, that I learned of the LS I joined via a website for roleplayers in FFXIV (I think this was the RPC). That's also how I decided I wanted to roll on Bahlmung, but I'm honestly not sure that I managed to. As I've mentioned, it's all a very frustrating blur. I digress, I Googled it and the FFXIV RPC was the first thing that popped up.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


I would say, by my definition, heavy, and by others' definition, perhaps, medium. It's my personal belief that if I want to play a character with some meaty, fight-based substance, that the first, most basic goal should be to reach level cap. That's not to say I won't roleplay until I get there, but I do intend to get as far as possible before throwing myself into the goings-on. Also, if PVP does, miraculously, become an aspect of A Realm Reborn, I will likely be spending a fair amount of time practicing that. I'm not a great lover of PVP but I was originally raised, in WoW on a RP-PVP server where I learned that if you want say you're a fighter, you should have the bones to back it up. I know that many others don't share that viewpoint with me, and that's fine, but it's a little personal thing that I just feel I need to do.


Because both leveling to end game and learning to PVP are both simply to further my comfort levels with my roleplaying, I feel like they're adding to my being a heavy roleplayer, rather than detracting from it.


--Anything from real life youâre comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)


I am a twenty-five year old mother of one, newborn, four-month old boy whom I love more profoundly than I really thought was possible. I love to draw. A -lot-. And since I'm a stay-at-home mom at the moment, I have plenty of time to do so.


I hate to self-advertise, but I am doing commissions and for a while I'm doing ten free sketches based on this thing I posted in my dA journal. So, if you're interested, my stuff is at http://lunarkitsune.deviantart.com . The qualifier for the sketch is a post in my journal.


I look forward to meeting you, and I'm sorry if I bored anyone so quickly that they skipped through this introduction.

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Thank you Aysun! Glad to be here.


Tadir, I was Vrind Ojaal. I was a lesser member of Jen'jidai for a good while and I spent about 75% of my time roleplaying as a bartender in one Cantina in Nar Shadda. I'm not sure I met a Kiet but I might recognize the character on description...


It really was a good atmosphere for RP but I admit, after I joined Jen'jidai I spent a lot of my roleplaying time cooped up in the Cantina, virtually playing support character/semi-NPC for the people who came in looking for a entrance into conversation.

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Hi there!


I played on Wyrmrest Accord for a time when I was into WoW as well. It was a pretty cool server, though high on drama levels.


As for Roegadyn names, those rules actually only apply to Sea Wolves. Hellsguard actually use names made from straightforward 'English' words. You could simply call her something like Little Fire. Whoever wrote that article was probably confused by Sea Wolves being the clear majority of the race in lore, and thus in the NPC representation.


And another artsy person! I do like your stuff. :)

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*flails* Well, now I'm all confused. The NPC list of Hellsguards on the site I used ( http://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Categ ... guard_NPCs ) is all funky named too. So, they use words for their names like Little Flame or (I saw this one) Spiraling Path. Is that right? And is that first name -and- last name? I would just roll a Sea Wolf but I, 1. feel like there will be quite enough Sea Wolf Females, and 2. was going a Monk route. I suppose with the openness of Eorzea a Sea Wolf could become a monk but it just seemed more plausible that a Hellsguard do it. v.v Man, now it's really a toss up. It'll be like coming up with a Sin'dorei/Quel'dorei surname now.






Also, thank you! I'm trying to improve upon my artsy-ness.

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My bad! I looked up the source again: Hellsguard sometimes translate their names, but only if they choose as a way of integrating with other races, being outside their homeland. Sea Wolves, on the other hand, are one of the dominant races in the Limsa Lominsa region, so they don't feel that outsider pressure.


That said, I'm pretty sure whoever assigned clans to those NPC entries on that wiki was just guessing. There are obvious Hellsguard in the Sea Wolves category, too.


(Also check this out!)


Also, Chiss IA is the only thing worth being in SWTOR. >_>

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Thank you so so so much! That was super helpful. I used Celtic names, so Siobhain or Eithne being (from what I understand) Shi-vaun or En-ya, respectively, won't quite follow those rulings-- but, at least now I know they're close enough that I could likely just choose an alternative spelling. And now the Hellsguard names make poifect sense to me in relation to the Sea Wolves.


Once again, a million times the gratitudes, Miss Rhostel.

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Hey there and welcome! It's good to see you here on the RPC! I was wondering if you were already part of the FFXIV roleplay community when I saw your artwork on DA. Anyways, really excited to see your future work as well as RP with you sometime!


On the topic of names and language, the reps over on the official lodestone forums mentioned something about getting a full compiled naming convention system in place for us to use when creating characters. I think it should be coming out before release, so keep an eye out :)


In the meantime, you might want to take a look here if you haven't already. Not much, but it does have a few more words from the Roegadyn language that you may find useful. I used it to help me make a Roegdayn awhile back.

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Thank you Ellie and Mtoto. 'Fairly good'. Pffftles. The limbo, though, explains why I always seem to be on looking for something and finding the same thing I found thirty minutes ago. I suppose I could put up some questions somewhere rather than waiting for someone else to talk 'bout somethin'. O.o... It does occur to me that with the limited information and the face the game is in the process of coming out (but not out yet) there is just so much you can really talk about before you've talked it all out.


And Mtoto, I hadn't heard about the official naming thing. That would be great! Except that I'll be changing my name again, likely. Or maybe not. ... I really like Siobhain... Thank you for that list though, it will definitely come in handy when I get to work on a back story.

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