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Roleplay off Balmung

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I'm curious about the status of roleplay off of Balmung. I'm interested in exploring the scene in XIV but the whole community seems gathered in one spot, and while I'd transfer for my levels even if it wasn't constantly full, I've always hated packed servers in WoW and the housing feature discourages me even more. 


I have looked at the link shell listings but I can't tell off a glance which places are active and what the scene is like. Browsing this board just makes Balmung seem more like the only choice.


So, the short of it, where is the roleplay off Balmung?

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If they're in the Linkshell Hall, they're supposed to be active.


We used to require activity pings each month, but this was moved to 2-month ~60 day intervals.


The last time cleaning of inactive listing took place was a about 2 months ago, so anything you seelisted should be active. (Or had been until REALLY recently)


That said, after Balmung, Gilgamesh is usually second biggest, followed by smaller groups on other servers like Siren and Jenova (which are the ones I know of). There are a couple recent threads for some of the other servers I've seen that had posts the last couple of days.


I should note that if you're looking for that really immersive/open-world RP experience, most reports from other servers say that only happens on Balmung, as the general user community is mostly OK with us RPing in the open. (Other servers may not be as friendly)

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In some other Making Connections or Welcome Desk threads you'll probably find some people trying to get RP going on in, in addition to what the user above me posted: Sargatanas, Lamia, Brynhildr and Behemoth.


A few resources you can use:



If on Behemoth, Zachary Voltaire has mentioned having an RP linkshell






These two linkshells seem a little active (50+ members each)




Mostly the same users. One of those linkshells is advertised on the RPC here http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=14988

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I've been seeing increased activity on Moogle (EU) since I joined there a couple of weeks back. It's a small community so far but hopefully we can build it up over time :)


As for RPing in the open world, this is what I and others have done constantly and I've not noticed anything else than curiosity. My guess is that you'd be OK RPing on any server but that people are more used to seeing it on Balmung.


Edit: Oh and we're mostly gathered in this LS so far http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=14266

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I know of a few RP groups on Lamia, but having been active on Tonberry, Leviathan, Jenova, Faerie, Lamia and Balmung, only the last one has an 'out-of-the-closet RP community'. I got the impression that RP anywhere by Balmung and Gilgamesh is something done almost exclusively privately for fear of harassment. Of course, that's with the grain of salt that those were my personal experiences.

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Not sire if this counts but I know a lot of people who use Skype or even the pm features of this website to to as well. Been having to use Skype myself more since my availability in game is limited and the Skype method give you the chance to rp with people  who you might not with otherwise.

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