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PSA: Join the Nintendo Fun Club Today!

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So, Nintendo had a pretty successful thing called Club Nintendo a while back. You punched codes included in your games onto a website and collected points which were used to purchase some exclusive swag and minigames and stuff. It died a miserable, lonely death last summer.


Nintendo just launched My Nintendo though, which seems to be the successor to the old version. If anyone wasn't aware of it, you are now!

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Someone posted an Eater Egg: If you scroll all the way to the bottom, there's a Mario brick in the bottom right of the screen. Click on it and your Mii will hold a present, and clicking on it ten times gives you 10 platinum coins as a secret mission bonus.


Also, if there's a coin laying on the spot your Mii walks around, clicking on it gives you 30 points in a weekly mission.

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I had missed out on the end of Club Nintendo.


Now wtf do I do with Miitomo.


It's a kind-of-cute mobile app where you play dress up and that's basically it. It's got a lot of charm to it, though.


Edit, because I've been thinking about this stupid thing all morning:


You answer questions about yourself, and then your mii will also talk to you about what your friends said about other questions. The more friends you have, the more stuff you see when talking to your person. I mentioned on twitter last night I was playing with it and got 2 random follows looking for miitomo connections.


Miitomo will let you add friends from social media. If there's any overlapping friends, like say Kage and Aya know Arala, and I don't know Arala, it'll suggest that I friend Arala. Then, if Arala and Kage both know Jana and I don't, it'll let me know I can add Jana. And if Jana and Aya both know someone else I don't, know, it'll ask me to add them too.


It's a social media hydra.


The current vibe from the circle I've wound up in is to not answer anything truthfully, but to respond with the funniest or most inappropriate answer. Since everything gets read out loud by your mii, it can lead to some strange soundbites.


also you can edit your own dialogue when people visit. Anyone who comes into my house is immediately asked in my robot voice "How did you get past the spike traps." in the most deadpan, unimpressed voice.

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