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Fight Club - Mondays 9pm Eastern

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[align=center]Word around Limsa Lominsa has been spreading. Every monday night there's a group of folk who gather down on the lower decks and simply.. fight. Some with weapons, some without. The biggest thing is, the Yellowjackets, they don't seem to mind. Word is, the little spitfire Keeper is the one in charge and keeps things in line. They also say anyone can drop in and let off some steam, or even pick up a few new moves.[/align]





  • What: Nefzen’s Fight Club

  • When: Mondays, 9PM EDT

  • Where: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x9, y15)

  • Who: Nef’s friends and anyone who wanders by Everyone!!

  • How often? Weekly but the times/days will vary based on schedules. I’m also thinking of trying out Saturday around noon to let EU players join in the fun too

So what is this? It’s going to be friendly sparring, both with weapons (Blunted plz) and without. No MAGIC! No killing blows and actually trying to avoid injuring each other, though accidents happen ALL the time! (Leave the bloodsport for the Grindstone, plz). I've been running this off and on since.. January now? Anyway, folks seem to like it and I thought it was about time I made an RPC post about it.


The goal is practice for the Grindstone and any other RP fighting, both IC and OOCly. It’s been years since I had to do RP fighting and need to brush up on it before tacking something as big as the tournament. Nef also is very much not used to face to face combat so ICly she knows she needs to train before doing this.


Types of combat we want to practice:


  • Grindstone ruled bouts
  • Full narrative fights

  • “Guardian Practice” - this is something Erah'sae has come up with 
  • ---at least 1 ‘guardian’
  • ---at least 1 ‘target’
  • ---at least 1 ‘attacker’
  • ---the point is for the guardian(s) to fiend off the attacker(s) while protecting the target(s) from attacks.
  • hand to hand self defense

  • ---Nef is concerned that some of her friends who ‘don’t fight’ can’t protect themselves in this big bad world. Rather than put a weapon in their hands and try to make them hurt people (which is primary reason why they don’t fight) she simply wants to teach them things like simple throws, grapples, leverage, and joint manipulation in order to protect themselves without necessary hurting their opponent.
  • I’m taking a lot of queues from Aiki-jujitsu, though since I’m not an actual practitioner I apologize if it’s not exactly accurate. Suspension of disbelief!

If you think that you’re Rp combat skills are just not up to par I strongly advise you to come on out. This is just as much practice for the PLAYER as the character. We’re all doing this to get better not prove who is better. If you are struggling then ask for help OOCly and I know myself or even Erah’sae will give you tips.


NOTE ABOUT INJURIES: There have been at least one, if not two healers express interest in joining, if only to watch and tend injuries. That being said I want folks to play nice and avoid killing each other. You start shit at my playground and I’ll go full Rogue on your ass. Capisci?


There is no requirement to be at every meetup. Simply drop in/out as you wish or time allows. I really expect attendance to fluctuate all the time. I promise not to take it personally. ;-)


Any questions?


You can see more info and screenshots on my tumblr page. 

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Tonight folks! Same time, same place. If attendance stays as high as it was last week then I might be moving it outside the city for a bigger area. 


If you are interested in doing anything specific like trying out the guardian training, learning self defense, or OOC help with narrative then please be sure to ask me or Erah'sae via whispers.

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Looks fun, I will probably try and be there.  Most of the best RP events are east coast time schedule so it's difficult for us Californians.


Yea. Hear all about how EU and EST time zones are sorta conflicting, but you PST folks.. that's gotta be murder really. We typically go till midnight or later if that helps?

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Looks fun, I will probably try and be there.  Most of the best RP events are east coast time schedule so it's difficult for us Californians.


Yea. Hear all about how EU and EST time zones are sorta conflicting, but you PST folks.. that's gotta be murder really. We typically go till midnight or later if that helps?


Party late into the night always helps.  8-)

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While we have a set start time, it's open as long as there are people around. Everyone's free to come and go, jump in or step out. Want to fight someone specific? That's fine. Just go grab 'em. We start it out giving out the matches simply to get things going. Don't have to go through us though when folks are done with a fight they can whisper me or Erah'sae to see if anyone else is open. 

It was great seeing not only people out there fighting but.. people interacting before/after their bouts. Pointers given, hopefully friendships made. ^_^


And just to let people know we totally welcome spectators. The text spam is real because we seem to have anywhere from 3 to 5 fights going at once, not to mention possible lessons and side convos. I've been considering moving outside the city but really being inside it's so easy for people to just.. 'happen by'. 




Any SCAdians out there? It's fighter practice.

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Tomorrow is fight club night! We'll be going till we can't go no more, even if we run into server maintenance!


BTW, healers, medics and the like are all more than welcome to volunteer their services patching up the fighters. We've had tons of minor (and a few not so minor) injuries every week. Maybe some engineers? I've noticed an uptick in mechanical appendages lately and those could use some onsite repairs if folks are willing.

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Thanks to everyone who came out last night! We had over 20 random matchups and several challenges!! HUGE crowd!


If you arrive early, please feel free to RP as you sit/stand around (I might be AFK on the crates but just send me a tell). I try to get the ball rolling at 9pm for fights but ya'll don't have to wait till then.


I got some screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/jIgAD


Hope to see everyone next week!

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  • Saturday 6.11.2016

  • 3-5 pm EDT

  • Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x9,y15)

Since the patch is on monday there is no Fight Club at the regular time. A PERFECT time to shift things around and hold it at a time where the EU folks might be able to come and play!


So everyone come on out this Saturday and enjoy throwing punches or just watching the fighting.


Rules are simple: No MAGIC! No Killing! Try not to maim, though thanks to Krick, Josachi, and Gracie we’ve had healers attending pretty regularly.


New rule (thanks to Marl): If you are seriously injured and refuse healing/treatment then we reserve the right to stop you from fighting for the rest of the event. This is because we’re all having fun and it’s not fun watching someone try and permanently cripple themselves.

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