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Naughty Nesting

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[align=center]Wyvern Nest Grand Opening![/align]



[align=left]You are cordially invited,


Come one, come all to the Wyvern's Nest Grand Opening. Hosted by the Wyvern tribe, Lilac Lace Society, and the Gilded Pony, you'll be able to enjoy a night of fine entertainment and drinks. But this isn't your usual grand opening! 


Those who don't want to put their money where their mouth is this evening can, instead, put their food in the nest! Anyone who brings a non-parishable food item is allowed to bypass the entry fee. Want a drink but aren't hungry? Bring non-parishable food items for the bar and you'll be able to trade food for drinks! All food donated will go to Sultana's Soup Kitchen. For all the donations made, the Wyvern's Nest will meet it one for one! 


Come see the Gilded Pony get naughty in the Wyvern's Nest. It'll be one grand opening.


[align=center] ❀ ~ Lilac Lace Society[/align]



  Hello everyone![/align]


  The Wyvern's Nest, Lilac Lace Society, and Gilded Pony have joined forces to bring you the Grand Opening of a life time! In the true nature of the Lilac Lace Society, this Grand Opening comes with a donation twist! You can get your drinks and shows for free if you bring a non-perishable food item! This requires you to get a little creative, as we will be requesting in game gil or food items. All food items received will be given out to new players. ♥



[align=left]When:  Saturday, April 30th, at 8:00PM EST - 11:00PM EST.

Where: Mists, Ward 7, Plot 52, Southwest Subdivision.  

Why: To support another RP location and foster interaction!

Who: Hosted by the Wyvern's Nest, Lilac Lace Society, and Gilded Pony

What: A Tavern Grand Opening!

How: It is suggested people show up early to make sure you get through the doors! We will be charging a 2000 gil in game fee for those who do not bring an in game non-perishable (or slow to perish) food items.


  • 8:00PM EST - Event Begins!
  • 9:00PM EST - Show Begins!


Questions, Comments, Concerns?

  Please leave any of them in this thread! We look forward to seeing you there. ♥


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  • 2 weeks later...

I'll be attending the event representing Gilded Pony, but I was just wondering if you had a theme for the event's entertainment, or if we can just perform anything.


I told Ael that she has free reign. ♥ I'd speak to her about any specifics.

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Will do, thanks. I'm not 100% sure if I can make it or not now, I just got invited to a coworker's bachelorette party on that night, but as or right now, i don't have a way there, so I'm still assuming I will be at the Naughty Nesting, although I have to take myself out of the 'official sign ups' for right now.

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