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Howdy! Returning player with questions!


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Hello there! You can call me Binks, Dan, New Guy, I'll probably respond to anything.  Haha.


I logged 300+ hours into FFXIV and several into HW before I got into graduate school and had to stop completely so I could adjust to the new workload.   


Yesterday I renewed my sub, moved to Balmung, and now I'm looking to meet some of you folks!  Those 300+ hours I played before were on my own without friends or an active linkshell.


I guess my question is this:  Do any of you know of a LS listed here that wouldn't mind a grad student who can only log on every so often and is re-learning the ropes? I've been to the LS page and looked at them all but I figured you guys who've been here longer might be able to offer some advice.




P.s.  Thanks for reading a post that was written pre-coffee.  I'm sure it was rough :P

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Welcome aboard! :) 


Unfortunately I am not the best person for recommending and FC, but there's quite a few of them around so I reckon there's a good chance you'll find a place that is returner-friendly :)

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Hi there!


What kinda Linkshell or Free Company are you looking for? (Just as a reminder, LS are just chat groups and FCs are the full-on guilds).


If you're looking for a casual group for some OOC chatter, content, etc, there are quite a few of those around. Friends of Momodi is the most common.


If you're looking for a Free Company, what types of things are you interested in? The RPC only shows a small subsection of what's on Balmung, but we may be able to help you find a group of people with similar interests.

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Thank you for the replies!  To answer unnamed's question- I would totally be down not joining an occ links hell that understood my limited playing time! :)  


But i ideally would like to find an FC for rolepalying that understood that as well and wouldn't kick me for disappearing during exam times. Haha


Apologies for typos or anything. On my phone.

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I don't know of any FCs currently, but you may be a good fit for the Open RP Linkshell, which is focussed on helping people find RP.


Given time constraints, something like a FC plotline may be on the tougher side to keep going. I'd recommend trying to build up some contacts first, and then see how things go. I haven't seen any FCs that would kick someone for a couple days of inactivity, but if it's a regularly occurring thing that could last for weeks at a time, that would be a deterrent.


Another resource is Nefzen's calendar, which combines things found on the RPC and tumblr for a better calendar list of events and taverns. The agenda view is probably a little easier to sift through, but it helps give an idea of what's out there.

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