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Idea for a tournament


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Just thought of this after rping with my FC atm.


Say there was a tournament where you had a rider and a mount and put them against each other using GS rules, the mount could literally be any mount you have terrestrial or airborne, and your character can carry one weapon on them to assist be it magic or steel, and the mounts and rider are protected by something like stoneskin or protect from real damage, for example


Person A and their Griffin mount take to the skies to battle Person be and their armed air cutter mount for the audience.


Just a general idea but how's this float your boats?

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Interesting concept, but my first question would be what the vehicles bring to the spectacle other than something to look at. I would assume that some modifier or other special something would be in play to make it stand out or to make the vehicles themselves the star.


Just my 2 gil.

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