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'lo folks!  I'm a returning new-ish player (meaning I bought the gorram game a year ago and then life proceeded to kick my arse down the street and around the block, leaving me no time to actually play), just transferred to Balmung ... oh... three days ago?  I've been itching to get back into RP and know a total of 1 player on the server and he's my roommate, so I'm here looking for friends and contacts who don't drink all my coffee and snore like an overweight bear with a sore tooth.


I'm in no way new to RP - goin' on a good 15 years since I've been playing glorified pretend, both online (including in WoW and City of Heroes and forum-style post-by-post RP) and more conventional tabletop stuff.  I've got a slew of alts prepared, but right now I'm focusing on Blazing Orchid, a Hellsguard Roegadyn Professional Alcoholic that is allegedly also a sword-for-hire.  ...apparently there aren't many Roe out there, so I'm especially looking for folks who are taller than my ta-tas.  Not that there ain't nothin' wrong with that, mind.  I just like having an occasional conversation that don't leave me with a crick in my neck.


I'm still getting a bunch of IC stuff sorted and the gory details worked out, so her backstory is sort of a nebulous blobbish thing right now.  I'm not even sure what her favorite color is currently.  I think it's red.


Anyway, I'm still in the process of leveling my first class to 50 (monk until Squeenix gets off their duffs and gives me samurai - aaaaaany time this century please-and-thank-you), so if you see me running around like a nitwit don't be afraid to poke me.  I'm totally down for walk-ups or rando RP or however the hell it works in this game.

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Welcome, not level requirements to RP just get on in there and doo eeet!


Join some of the RP link shells, go to events, wander up and talk to people. Unless you are shy then maybe start with the LS and a nice FC.


You will see many topics here of people looking for connections, this is a good way to get your toe in the water.


And given a chance it works like a drive by hit and run RP, leaving you dazed and smiling and wondering if you got that guy's number

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