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Drink Off!

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A while ago I came up with some awesome Drink Off rules. I came up with them sorta for Nef's one on one challenge but realized that it would REALLY shine in large groups. Now it's time to really put them through the wringer.



Now all I need is a place to host it. There are lots of places out there but I'm sorta hoping to find those spots that maybe don't get a whole lot of traffic and are looking for some extra PR. If you have a place then feel free to contact me here on the RPC, ingame, or on tumblr.


The Thaliak's Eye is going to be hosting their grand opening on the 20th and what better way to help them out than doing a drinking contest! Thanks to everyone for the generous offers, i'm amazed by the response. :lol: Keep an eye out for more details soon.

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I have a medium house in the goblet which isn't being used for anything. I've been meaning to let people use it for whatever events they feel like holding but have no place for (small or large, doesn't matter.) 

I can be on-hand for decoration changes as long as furniture is provided. It's a FC-hosted house (FC itself is dead) so the furniture can be retrieved with a guildless-character from the CC post-event (joining picking up and leaving, so as to circumvent the "bound" status.) 


Feel free to prod me, if you can't find any established venues ^^

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