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New player. Looking for any FC/LS that are newb friendly

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I've only been playing this game for about a month. I was playing WoW previously since it's release (somewhat still do but not as much). Switched to this game for something new, and so far I'm loving it (though still trying to figure it all out.) I'm not new to role play but I am new to this game so I don't know very much about it's lore. Looking for any group that doesn't mind dealing with a newb. Would love to learn more about the game/lore/do some RP, or just group together. I'm on the east coast, usually on in the evenings and weekends. If anyone has a FC/LS or can point me to one, I'd be most appreciative.


As for my character, she's a Highland Hyur Lancer (going Dragoon). I'm still feeling out her personality. Being a lore newb I really don't have any kind of backstory for her. Hoping to fill that out in time.

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