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Experienced Waitress/Hostess looking for work/clients

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Ello everyone! It's been a really long time since I've put myself out for grabs, so to speak, but I've had a lot more free time lately so I'm going to be doing some freelance work for a bit. As the title suggests, I am looking for taverns, balls, or any other sort of event that might be in need of a waitress, hostess, or speaker.

A little about myself:

Character's Name: L'rinhi Kett

Point of Contact: Mail, address found on IC fliers throughout the main cities.

Experience: Former Matron and owner of Wayfarer's Rest. Recently I have taken a break from leadership, but I would like to stay active in the community.


  • Decent knowledge of basic alcohols, does not mix well.
  • 8 months of Waitressing experience.
  • Does well in large crowds and keeps a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere when greeting guests.
  • New! She does not trip while carrying trays!
  • Works well in a stressful environment. Only have two waitresses with a house packed with people? No worries, she'll work double time.
  • Six months of event hosting experience. Is your crowd looking a little thin? Wondering what you can do to spice it up and bring in bigger numbers? She's always open to give ideas.
  • Three events worth of speaking/hosting. Having a date auction? A concert? Need someone who can get the crowd going? Her positive and cheerful outlook will have them cheering all night long!
  • Available most days from 6-12 CST.

Okay, let's be real...


While most of this is just to be cute, I am looking to work a night or two a week if any taverns or events are in need of friendly help that you can count on to show up, be polite, and leave a good impression.


If you have any questions, or if you are interested, drop a PM in my box. Take care and have a good one!


Past Events Hosted:

Wayfarer's Poetry Contest


Wayfarer's Last Bard Standing


Wayfarer's Valentione Ball

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She comes highly recommended, provided that the dish du jour isn't cookies. If it's cookies, then she meant to serve them to your guests, but she eated them.


Thanks Sena :)

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