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Wayfarer's Rest - Bardic Stories

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Itching to spin a tale or hear someone else's?


Wayfarers of Eorzea are hosting a fireside Bardic Stories event this Saturday May 14th at 4pm PST (UTC-7) at our inn and tavern, Wayfarer's Rest, located in the Goblet Ward 6, Plot 58. There'll be food and refreshments available ICly, with a cozy outdoor atmosphere for our guests and storytellers to enjoy. The event goes on into the evening as long as people continue wanting to tell tales, so even if your own personal timing is such that this event is a bit early for you, don't fret - just send me a tell in-game and I can let you know if the event is still going on. 


Notices will go up via /shout in the main cities an hour before the starting time, and I'll bump this thread with reminders, too. 


Hope to see you there! :)

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Saturday's coming up quick, so everyone get your stories together if you have one to tell - or bring your 'ears' and just have some fun. 


A little more about the setup...


The event is taking place outside our tavern, where we have a big stone firepit set up (you've probably seen the decor item around in somebody's yard, if you've been playing awhile). There'll be a big kettle set up with fondue (not stew - I was going to say it was stew for the event, but then we'd ICly have to have a bunch of bowls somewhere, and nah, so now it's a big kettle of melted cheese oh yes). There'll be skewers of meat and veggies that visitors can cook on the open fire, and dip in the fondue if they want to, or just eat them off the stick (or in a flatbread, there'll be flatbreads warming by the fire too, because why not). And of course, what such gathering would be complete without a heaping pile of bottled ale? Well, and some bottled lemonade for visitors who don't like spirits. 


...and now that my stomach is rumbling, I'm going to find some lunch! :D

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