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Wayfarer's Rest - Singles Mingle

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We've done it before, and we're doing it again - a gathering at our tavern for single characters to meet others. Maybe even that new special someone! 


Wayfarers of Eorzea are hosting the event on Thursday May 26 at 6pm PST (UTC-7) at our inn and tavern, Wayfarer's Rest, located in the Goblet Ward 6, Plot 58. As with our prior events of this type, we have a dress code to make it easy to identify others who may be of interest:


If your character is interested in romance only with a male, wear BLUE.

If your character is interested in romance only with a female, wear RED.

If your character is interested in romance with any gender, wear PURPLE.


As always, we can make no guarantee that a particular character who attends will meet anyone, nor can we make any guarantee of the quality of any individual who does get met, nor do we guarantee any particular result from anyone who is met at the event. We're just the hosts, it's up to our guests to be awesome! :D 


That said, if anyone does attend and feels that they didn't enjoy it, please do send me a private message here on the RPC with your ideas for how future events of this type can be improved. We're intending to do an event of this type once or twice a month, so there's plenty of opportunity for us to hone in on the best possible "fun factor" for participants.


Notices will go up via /shout in the main cities an hour before the starting time, and I'll bump this thread with reminders, too. 


Hope to see you there! :)

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