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New EU player on Balmung

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Hello everyone,


I just started playing the game 2 days ago so I am very new to everything. I guess at some point in time someone I know signed up for FFXIV with my email, so I was able to play on Balmung-NA. I've been playing a lvl 40 DRG, who is now 45 at the time of this post, that was already on the account so I've just been.. stumbling around, figuring things out as I go along. 


Since the DRG isn't a character I made I plan on using a fantasia potion (and probably a name change) at some point before I do any RP. I wanted to introduce myself to the community though in the meantime! I would love to make some friends and hear about any EU guilds that may exist on Balmung? I am new to FFXIV but have been RPing for over 10 years now. 


Also any advice you would have for a complete newbie would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone!

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Hello fellow EU player! Welcome to Balmung. 


For resources on how to get started in the game, at least roleplaying wise, I suggest looking at this link here. It gives a rundown on roleplaying in FFXIV and where to get started, and you will find a lot of useful resources like this on the RPC forums. It's where I started when I was learning about the game's lore before I made my character. ^^ 


As for EU free companies and linkshells, I recommend checking out the linkshell hall. There's plenty of EU roleplayers on the server, and a range of EU only free companies to NA that are active during EU evening hours usually. I'm sure you'll find something, especially once you start roleplaying and have an idea what you want for your character which make the search a little easier. Have fun and hope to catch you around! :D

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Welcome fellow EU person!


I am always up for meeting new people close to my timezone to play with! As Oyuu mentioned above, it's worth taking a peek at the FC/Linkshell Hall since most EU options are in that list.


To drop a little shameless promotion since the FC I am currently in is not listed there, I shall instead drop a link to the website in case you're interested in taking the FC into consideration.




Feel free to contact me any time if you need help with anything! :D

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