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Hi there! I was here on a different character that never quite took off over a year ago; money and whatnot meant I had to step away. I decided to come back, though, with a grumpy ex-assassin turned cook!


I just transferred her over to Balmung last night. I'm happy to be back and looking forward to playing with everyone!

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Welcome back, I came back to the game a couple days ago too and I am looking to make a few new contacts and start a story. 


If you want, contact me here or in game. Add me to your friend list and we can start something if you would like.


My in game caracther name is : Farrell Feidliming.

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Thank you! Things are much better off on the money front, which was the big problem. I'm excited to get to RP with everyone!


And thanks, Farrell! I'll definitely do that as soon as I get home. My character's Celise Darrick.

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Oh hi! I think I remember seeing Suen there. I was definitely grinding out a few levels.


(I love the rogue storyline so much.)

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