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Querying Interest..(Nophica Theme)

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Greetings Fellow RP'rs of Bal,


  Firstly a little about myself. I just transferred to Bal from Behe as of yesterday. So merry met. My background in role play extends all the way back to DnD via chat rooms in AOL then into EQ and finally WoW before moving onto here. The whole process has been a 13 year process of constant learning. By no means due I consider myself a master of RP by any stretch as many are A LOT more skilled in words than I. That concludes my rp background and with that being said I always gravitate to playing nature themed tanks.


  With all that being said I would like to form a Linkshell or FC called the Gardens of Nophica. It would welcome all those that favor Nophica or Nature and its protectors. As a LS/FC the goals would be to protect Gridania as a whole from any source of unbalance to nature. To do this we would assist the Serpents, Wailers, Gods Bow, Conjurers and Seedseers in whatever capacity that we can...


To this end we would have Conjurers(Various roles), Soldiers, Hearers, and Craftsman.


What I would like to know are everyone's thoughts and who would be interested in this...both those interested in joining or FC's/LCs that would operate against us.


P.S. There will be adventure arcs(Roll System with Narrative) that would span weeks to months, All conflict would be roll based, along with side arcs by fc/ls members. And AT least once a month after everything got rolling community events in Gridania and surrounding area.

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Due to not quite enough interest to warrant a full FC chose HoD as my FC. However there has been enough interest to do a cross FC linkshell. I will get that started shortly. Through the LS will do Nophica and nature themed events and story arcs depending on arcs currently run by HoD and other FCs.  Look forward to helping the server flourish both within HoD and without. Providing I survive HoDs trial period.  xD

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