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Red Wings & Friends Date Auction and Raffle

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Redwing Company invite you to a auction!


At this auction we will be be offering wonderful people for romantic/non romantic dates!


Anyone who wishes to get involved at the auction is welcome to join in just message Lori’vaen Nasharia or Vael’a Ruhne (On the forums). All we ask is that 50% goes toward the event.




We do not own any of these people each one has offer to help out 100% of what they make will go toward the Redwings company to try and help us to upgrade our homes. Those of you who know us, know we strive to give the best roleplay we can and wish to get a bigger better home for us to give you a better experience!


Please read:


Dates are at the discretion of the two involved, both should discuss what they would like to do and the limits.


Please understand that their are non romantic and romantic dates, those who have picked non romantic have done for a reason.


We will also be putting up a raffle for the end of the event where you will get a number after attending, this number will ensure you with a number of prizes. Some include a Thavnairian Bustier and the big prize is a magitek mount with your choice in color! (Icly the mount has been specially built by Vael’a Ruhne himself. DISCLAIMER any explosions here or than after the event will not be held accountable by Redwings company… Weapons systems can be a little…tempermental!)




Follow the above link for a special auction, involving one Anstarra Silverain who wished to join us but would not be able to! Instead you can bid on her via Tumblr or direct bids to Myself or Lori'vaen Nasharia.


Highest bid will be posted here, and on the above tumblr so you know what you have to outbid! This is a romantic date, and what happens is at the discretion of the Winner, and Anstarra!


Please reblog and like the post so that we can spread this around!


Please have fun!

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