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-found- Looking For CNJ Teacher

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ICly: clerk seeks teacher for Conjury training, possibly some other non-magic healing skills. Not having to spend tons of time in the Shroud would be a bonus but not critical.



OOC: paper-pusher and numbers nerd who's great with Arcanistry is dissatisfied, figures learning Conjury would solve many of her problems. Little does she know she's going to be terrible at it! This is the sort of thing that could be NPC'd easily enough but I do so love excuses to interact with new people.


I'm looking for a Conjury teacher (could be a White Mage, could just be a CNJ ICly, whatever) who'd be down with helping my otherwise-capable roe lady discover that she sucks at this kind of magic but go forward with learning as much as she can anyways. This would probably be a somewhat long-term affair featuring a lot of Failing But Not Giving Up with an end goal of poor-to-middling Conjury skills on Keimahl's part. It's worth noting that she's not really an adventurer; she has a bit of an adventurous streak and she's made decent money taking out wayward wildlife, but at the end of the day she's not as brave or violence-minded as you need to be to really get anywhere as an Eorzean sell-sword. (Boy can she take inventories and balance your books though.)



My schedule looks like: weekday afternoon & evening Eastern US time wide open (hello evening Euro friends!), weekends usually no good.


Other notes: I'm happy to hand over as much or as little of the story (beyond the core milestones for my character) as you'd like! Want me to do all the work and DM(/GM/ST/pick your abbreviation) most of it? Can do. Want me to figure out the boring details in between exhibitions of your Conjury master being awesome? Also works. Got a story you want to tell and this would braid in nicely? That too! Only thing I insist on is plenty of OOC communication to make sure everyone's having a good time.

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My primary character is a healer (WHM, SCH) who lives in Limsa and spends an inordinate amount of time at the Arcanists Guild. She enjoys healing and is good at it, both magically and mundane though she is also still learning a lot of the mundane aspects beyond general midwifery and herbalism. 


Feel free to pm me if you would like to work something out. The more rp the better!

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Although I doubt I'd be suitable roleplaying as a full-time teacher, my character Confiance desFerme is a fairly experienced conjurer who's at Mealvaan's Gate for the purpose of learning arcanima. He'd be more than happy to provide pointers in conjury or even lessons on occasion. Feel free to poke me on my main, Aghurlal Qar'akimusun, if you want to sort something out!


Also hello, I think we used to know each other in Flight Rising, and also you leave kudos on my ao3 entries sometimes. xD

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Hello there!


I happen to have a roe lady who is a mender and healer, of the CNJ variety!  I don't play her IC'ly as a White Mage, but she is a decently skilled conjurer.  Being another roe, it might be interesting for the two of them to interact!


Leindra Keln is her name, so feel free to look me up.

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