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Wayfarer's Gift Giveway Suggestion Thread

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This is pretty much what the title suggests. I'm looking for item suggestions from those who would like to put in their input on what I could give away in the upcoming months. Nothing is off limits as long as it is possible to actually give it away. Now, this doesn't mean I will take every suggestion and make it reality, but all suggestions will be considered.


With the new patch coming out and housing being popular I am leaning toward a lot of furniture in July. Any thoughts or opinions are welcome.


Take care everyone and have a good one!

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Put me down for joining you and giving something away with you (providing gil or whatever)


For that, I would suggest you run your own giveaway unless you want to donate gil. I'm not sure how I would feel about that personally due to me wanting to give out rather than receive.


The reason I suggest your own giveaway rather than just giving items to mine is that you would have another giveaway people can sign up for have another chance to win.


I'm open to discuss donations further, but I think I would need to make a policy on it first before accepting anything. As for your own, you mentioned it to me in a PM before, I don't mind helping you set it up.

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Prehaps an Orchestrion? And/or music to go with it. Kotatsu table, crimson felt mat, regal letter box.


I like themes, but there isn't much in the way of things that make me think summer. Seems by the time this event happens, most should have the basic stuff.


If you don't mind spending RL money - could always get that huge moogle from cash shop or one of the lamps!

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