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Transfering to Balmung

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Hello everyone :3


I'm not big on big community forum posts. I get really nervous and shy, so I tend to just look around and read in the background. So I apologize up front if I happen to repeat myself or start rambling in this post.  


I am one of the current leaders of the Rosewood FC on Famfrit, and my fellow co-leaders and I feel as if the RP community over there isn't quite what we were looking for.  I mean it's a small community and most of them are friendly and helpful.  It's just not the type of community we're accustomed to I guess is what I'm getting at.  SO, we have decided to transfer over to Balmung.  I went ahead and transferred first to scout out and have a look.  And I must I am a little over whelmed with how much RP and all the RP FC's I see.   This is how I remember RP in MMORPGS, with open RP everywhere I turned last night in Ul'dah and just soo many RP FC's to choose from.  


I however, was the one tasked to go first and see what I could find.  And I'm sorry to say I don't even know where to start.  I have been over the linkshell hall on this page and wandering in game inspecting player's company's with RP tags.   I was maybe hoping a few of you veteran or native Balmung rper's could help steer me in the general right direction.  


I am not alone, I have at least 3 others coming over from Rosewood with me, I think we have collectively decided to not lead another FC, or rebuild Rosewood on Balmung, so we'll all be looking to get into the same FC.  I can't say for certain, there are still a few Rosewood members on the fence, they may transfer at a later date so there may be more of us coming over as well.   I do have a recruiting post for Rosewood, that I just updated before coming to post here, if that helps with our over all RP style/preferences.  But I'll also try to cover the basics.


A majority of us are medium to heavy RPers.  We prefer story driven RP, and events.  Dice and roll systems are not a problem we enjoy using them.  I can't say for sure what our character personalities are if we'll continue the story we had or merely start over fresh on Balmung (I have to talk with them yet on that)  Some of us come with multiple personalities (alts)  I myself have 8 characters I have transferred, but not all of them are RP characters so an FC that is welcoming of alts is also a plus.  


OOC we are avid... I lost the word I was thinking of..  I guess progression of the game. Dungeon's raids ect.   Speakign for myself and my husband who is one of hte other leaders moving with me, we have multiple 60's on our main and keep up with the main scenario quest line as they release it.  We haven't done midas savage yet but it was on the list of to dos. We are not strangers to Party Finder or the Duty finder either so if the FC is too small for full FC groups we're okay looking ouside the FC for such runs.  So long as the RP is solid we'll be happy. 


And this post has gotten really long i'm sorry!!  Thank you for listening to me rambling and I hope to talk or meet with some of you soon.  


My main's name in-game at the moment is Koh'ya Moshantu, I am in game now.  I will turn my tells on.  In case folks want to find me there, but will be in and out of game browsing here for FC's and wandering around for RP FC tags.   Sorry for this being so long agian I am rambling now.. so will shush and hit post...

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Welcome to the big world of Balmung! (Beware patch day, there will probably be overloaded zones).


While I don't really have an FC to point you towards (because I'm not really active in any RP-FCs at all), I can say that the RPC only shows a small portion of all the ones on the server, and the same goes for linkshells.


A few things you've probably seen or noticed is that Balmung typically gets a login queue (sometimes you can bypass it) and that all the housing wards are currently full (but maybe 3.3 will bring in enough to keep a few open). There's a lot centered around Ul'dah as the RP hub, but Limsa Lominsa and Gridania have some too. Ishgard comes in waves. Sometimes I'll see a bunch, other times, it can be quiet.


There are a TON of active events, which may help out with the FC searching. I recommend checking out Nefzen's calendar, which lists many of them. (Some aren't always posted to RPC, so it includes part of the tumblr community's events too).


If you're USA-based and like combat RP, go check out the Grindstone (physical combat) on Saturday nights and the Runestone (magical combat) on Sunday evenings.

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xD  Not a problem I can imagine, Balmung's population seems almost double what Famfrit had.  Am loving it!  I guess i've been lucky haven't seen the log in Queue yet hehe.  And yea, as far as housing goes, we were hoping with the patch to get the same personal plot we had on Famfrit.  (keeps fingers crossed) 


Thank you though for the suggestions, I'll pass on the links to my fellow Rosewood members see what they think.   I think in all my rambles i did forget to mention we are all US players.. of the 4 of us that are definitely transferring 2 of us are East coast and 2 are west so, our play times are in that range.   Us east coasters are night owls though we'll play/rp till 2-3 in the morning.  So it balances us out usually with out west coast counterparts.

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Welcome to Balmung!


I can certainly understand how you are feeling. I transferred here two years ago and it was so overwhelming. Thankfully I meant some amazing people pretty quickly, so it felt less so after a bit.


Depending on what you are looking for there is an FC for everyone. I was super picky about picking one. I was looking for something hunt related and at the time there was not many. My now IC partner started one around the time he met me, so we ended up running that together.

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