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I found it interesting that some people had an alternate 'version' of their chars where they RPed the Main Plot/the whole WoL stuff with one or a few RP partners and thought that it could be fun to do.


So I thought I'd ask if anyone else was just starting a new char and was interested in doing the Main Plot with me IC?


WARNING: I do have a terrible timezone as I live in NZ, so night owls would prob be easier.


Let me know if anyone is interested.

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That's... actually really cool and would give incentive to run the main story of ARR again for me instead of buying a skip or something. I actually read it wrong as someone RP'ing as the WoL and the adventurers that go along with him/her would RP out the situation's reactions and etc.. but this is even nicer. What server were you planning to do this on?

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