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Return Of A Writer

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Hello there fellow players!


I used to play the game very frequently on a smaller rp server, a tight nit community but my goal was to be involved in a bigger community where I could meet a plethora of people and fellow writers. I took an extended break for while but now I am back and with a new character, and story to follow.


I am looking for a welcome group of people who would like someone new to join them! I am a veteran rper who has written stories and been engaged in rp across a rather long list of games. 


If anyone is interested in meeting me and my character feel free to reach out to me at any point! (Mikari Stormbow). Hope to hear from you all soon!

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Hey there and welcome! I love a good RP as well, mayhaps we can chat sometime and hash out scenes or even just chatter! If you wanna talk or just keep one another company, send me a PM here or a tell in game!

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