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Just swapped over, made an account, and all that!

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Heya! I started FFXIV about 1.5 years ago (Give or take) with a bunch of friends on Exodus. It was a tons of fun for a while (ignoring all the history between then and now) and have decided to swap over to Balmung. I had my eyes on this site particularly as it seemed to be a beacon for roleplay for FF in general. Decided to finally make an account given the occasion and say hello!


Few things about me:


Started roleplaying 4-5 years ago and fell in love with it. Went through all the trials and errors that came along with it and usually stuck to forums and the such. After a bit of SWTOR and FFXIV, I've fallen in love with in game stuff or at least having a medium to actually see another character 'face-to-face'. Absolute blast, still working on speeding up my typing. I'm fast but not with big detailed paragraphs. Those take a bit more effort, but it's a million times faster than a few years ago.


Oh, and uh In-game name is Auli Latvala if you want to hit me up. It's not strictly lore based (It's Finnish actually) but hey, I like it.


So heya friends! (It's currently 3am so I'm snoozin' for now. Hope to see some responses in the morning!)

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Hello there! Welcome to Balmung!


I'm pretty new myself but I'm enjoying it greatly so far! I'm sure you will too. Everyone is really nice and you won't have a problem seeking help.


You can send me a /tell in game or a PM here if you want to hit something up with Arzilia Rausten.

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Well hey there! welcome to Balmung and the RPC, my name is Scaith. If you ever are seekin some RP fun or just wanna chatter, you can usually find me here or in game! So, send me a PM or even a tell if you catch me in server.

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