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Your standard "Seeking partners" thread

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Well, as the title states, I'm looking for whoever desires to RP with the knightly goofball that is my character, Josiah Covey. Here is his Wiki page, so you can get the general feel of the man.  And here is my general info! 


Anyway, back to the important bits. Honestly, there isn't a specific type of roleplay I prefer over the other at the moment(though, I am a huge sucker for romance). Anything and everything is good for me. From primary partners/character changing RPs, to short and sweet RP/one-shot partners, it's all good for me! Just let me know what you would like, via the PM system here or in game, and I'll see if I can't make something we both enjoy!



Outside of RPing, I would also love to just meet other players to play the game with, since I have no friends. QuQ I do raids, trials, RP(surprisingly), and dabble in crafting. I haven't beaten, or even gotten to, Heavensward yet, but I'm powering through the vanilla content in order to! 

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I have a few characters that are open to some friendships, though I don't often frequent Ul'dah. I'm open to travel though with the right character (s) so maybe we can work something out. :)


Also, I love running content with people, so if you ever need an extra body for quests and queues, I'd be more than happy to help out! I'm usually online with my main Yune Tabrisviel, but as my schedule has been a little wonky lately, it may be easier to hit me up through PM here so we can figure out some good times to meet up in game. >^.^<

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Cam is a scholar and a healer - if you would like to meet up in-game sometime, a healer can often be a good hook :D Romance isn't on the table, but shy catte could always use more friends!


I'm on only in the evenings during the week (work is killer that way) but I'm on most of the day/night on weekends. Feel free to send a /tell if you'd like!


(I've also got a mostly-stoic Au Ra and an excitable puppy of an Elezen, but in general I'm significantly more likely to be logged in with Cam at any given point. But if you'd rather meet one of them that's completely doable!)

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Ah yes, the giant nerd in his natural habitat. =w= 



Haha, anyway, thank you all who have spent time with the guy, the interactions have been great! And, for those that I haven't gotten around to yet, just give it a bit more time. Work takes a lot of my time, as well as IRL friends/family. I still have plans to RP with ya! 

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Participated in the Grindstone tonight. Met a new friend, and had a ton of fun! Props to Warren for the great event! (Even though I got knocked out in the first match. QnQ)qs475e.jpg

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Bump because I'm back from hiatus.

Also, if we made plans to RP before, hit me up again! I may or may not be busy, but i'll always do my best to do my best to do a couple scenes with whoever, whenever I'm in the RPin' mood.

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