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Finally In Balmung!! :D

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Excellent, now let's talk about RP insurance!


Welcome :)

Lmao now now, she doesn't need to get the premium package, that's only for the folks that linger in the Quicksand for too long! Just make sure she's covered, k?


:: blinks as he notices she's seen him :: oh.....OH, hi there! welcome to Balmung! Lol I'm Scaith, RP insurance auditor and allround welcomer to the server. If you have any questions or just wanna chatter, send me a PM! I'm always up to talk and make friends XP


(Don't worry, we're just kidding about the RP insurance.....but no seriously, you should get it.)

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Welcome, here is the generic stuff. And that insurance is good for three emergency RP call outs a yea, plus unlimited RP assist and RP home start as optional bolt ons.


A good reference for RPing is [The Role-Play Handbook] a great resource.


Also check out the [RP Linkskell & Free Company Lists for Balmung] for things that suit you. A Linkshell is like an in game chat channel and you can have 8, and a Free Company is like a Guild.


Fell free to come join us in [Hugs & Cakes Link Shell] where there is a nice positive bunch of RPers.

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