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Keeper Clan FC seeking contacts/antagonists/members

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Morbolvine [CLAN] is an active, tribalistic/traditionally styled Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te FC. We are looking to connect with other Miqo'te clans, Keeper or Seeker, as allies or even antagonists/rivals for territories/resources. Our most active hours are between 5pm-1am, CST just about every day of the week.


We have some experienced officers/members among us who are familiar with cultivating good inter-guild relationships whether they are meant to be friendly or hostile and we are seeking immersive, respectful interactions that can help to promote RP on both sides, be it in having raids and war parties... trade and business... or conducting negotiations and political affiliation.


If you feel your FC could benefit from having another to be involved with in any of these manners or you have ideas on how we could interact, feel free to hit me up in-game! I am one of 4 officers and will gladly be the liaison for further discussions in this matter.


I can be most quickly and easily reached in-game on my main, Zola Bhakhiri. I am also available on Discord (Zola#9509) You can PM me here, but the response time will be slower.






We are also happy to entertain individuals who are looking for a tribal/traditional Keeper clan to belong to, whether to get back in touch with your lost roots or because you are tribal yourself and looking for others in which to belong.


While we do enjoy some "slice of life" RP within our den (Ward 4, Plot 28 of the Lavender Beds) We also host monthly religious ceremonies themed on the god represented for the month as well as RP hunts/patrols of the Shroud as interest/request may dictate. We're also looking to have educational RP along the lines of hunting/survival lessons, archery/lance lessons, campfire cooking, etc.


We also have an active infirmary that is happy to see healer RPers involved in it and a classroom which could use some educators. Employees need not be miqo'te to inquire about job positions!




[align=center]Examples of our Events[/align]



Esbat of Nymeia -- Morbolvine and their ally clan, Eftmaw, decked out in all white and hit up the Golden Saucer for a night of luck and chance. The males drew straws for the ladies they would escort for the evening to make the night more of a 'mixer' and less of the same people doing the same stuff together. Everyone had a blast and made some new interconnections with each other.


Esbat of Llymlaen -- The clans set off to the beach with ceremonial harpoons and nets to have a friendly competition, of which the winning clan got to have bragging rights and the largest caught fish of the night to mount on their wall! Then everyone relaxed afterward at a big clam-bake style feast while enjoying the sand and surf. Good times had by all!

Esbat of Oschon -- The clans honored their males with special blessings and all were donned in ceremonial paint before going on a ritual Morbol hunt (a planned and GMed challenge activity), after which they returned home and the clan and their allied FCs enjoyed a banquet at their home den in the Lavender Beds.

Esbat of Byregot -- The clans come together in the weeks before the full moon to craft something special that is to be offered to and blessed by The Builder in hopes for continued productivity and industry!

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Esbat of Rhalgr -- A time when the clans gather, dressed in shades of purple and crimson in honor of The Destroyer, and offer up letters and items they wish to be purged of. This burden released from them, each sends a prayer of hopes for the future with the smoke from this offering in hopes that the Twelve might hear.



[align=center] MORE ABOUT US... http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=15358






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I would also like to state that we are very friendly to those who are new to miqo'te culture, new to lore and/or new to RPing in-general. We've some members and FC officers who have experience with helping with such. We try to keep within the plausibilities of the provided in-game lore and we are, all in all, a very friendly and easy-going group who will work with you and share what we know to help your character with your backstory/personal developments as-needed/requested. While our focus is heavily on RP developments, we have members to enjoy PvE content as well and we are happy to help our members to progress both in gameplay and ICly!

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It has been brought to my attention that CLAN has had something of a sordid past with the RP community. We have new (as of February '16) and well-established leadership now (Lead/Officers: Kailia Molkot, Zola Bhakhiri, Rhe Falk're, Riella Blackthorne) and a new direction as a whole for Morbolvine and those under our banner! 



If you interacted with members of CLAN in the past and had a less than appealing experience, let us show you the new face and persona of our FC!!

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I... do have a character that is looking mostly for the exact opposite of Keeper traditions but... If you feel that you need antagonists or anything, feel free to poke.


Also, I am glad to see that kind of very FC very much anchored into the lore. Good luck!

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Well, Rynathan was born as E'Rynth. And seeing as I've written his backstory with a sour bridge burning with the Eft clan as he entered the 1.0 timeline, I wouldn't be oposed to discussing some sort of connection to the Eftmaw and Morbolvine clans. He's anti-tribal, so while far from villainous I'm sure he could be a source of some conflict for y'all, if you happen upon him in Limsa Lominsa.


Send me a tell if you're interested.

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