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Adellenne suffers from Anterograde Amnesia, meaning she is unable to form new memories after a traumatic head wound. In the big picture, that means there are plenty of available plotting opportunities. Maybe our characters were even friends, once upon a time, and now she literally has no idea who you are.


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Hey! Welcome! The concept seems really interesting! Is this like the injury from 50 first dates?


I was aware of the movie when I made the character, but didn't really know what it was. But in a way yes, it's similar. Some key differences would be:


  • She's aware of time passing. She won't wake one day expecting to be fifteen still, or expecting it to be a specific day.
  • It's specifically her short term to long term recollection that suffers. There are even instances through her day where she might forget something she was told, or directions.
  • She's able to acquire knowledge, simply by repeated exposure. It's how she knows which bed in the house belongs to her, or where the glasses are stored in the kitchen.
  • Unfortunately this doesn't work quite the same with people, and she relys VERY heavily on her notes of even her FC members. Without those notes, she's at a loss.
  • When she does have a vague memory, it's usually useless things. Like, for instance, a recent plot point is that she specifically remembers purple Oldroses growing in the house. She then saw the plant wilted and dried out. She's now been hunting for purple Oldroses for several days, because she's very latched onto having a memory.

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